Feb 15, 2021
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Viktor Drobysh invoiced Nastasya Samburskaya to collect damages

It seemed that the recently completed legal showdown between Viktor Drobysh and Nastasya Samburskaya ended in favor of the latter.

At the suggestion of her lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, the press got the news that the court ordered Drobysh to make a star out of Samburskaya, according to the contract of 2016.

But Viktor Drobysh’s lawyer Katya Gordon claims the opposite. According to her statement, Samburskaya, who is not actually Samburskaya, but Terekhova, wanted to retrospectively close the contract with the HRC Drobysh, but the court did not allow this.

– Idiotic lawsuit filed by Dobrovinsky, stupid fuss and our victory. Victor is a benevolent person, and in this case he was forced to fight back and defend his good name. The only thing our side is obliged to do is to send a report on the work of Terekhova (Samburskaya), which we voluntarily demonstrated in court. And yet, Victor no longer wants to cooperate with Nastasya, and now, on our initiative, the Agreement will be terminated not retroactively, but in compliance with all procedural rules and with the recovery of damages incurred by the producer, ”Gordon explained what was happening.

Viktor Drobysh invoiced Nastasya Samburskaya to collect damages

It turns out that Samburskaya not only lost her producer, but also “got money” and will have to compensate Drobysh for something there.

Nastasya is not rushing. The singer didn’t work, they don’t invite me to a normal movie, they’d flooded out of the theater. The only thing left to do is to perform with DK entreprise.

Viktor Drobysh invoiced Nastasya Samburskaya to collect damages

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