Jan 27, 2021
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Viktor Dobronravov remembered how, after the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful,” he was taken only for the role of goodies

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The actor admitted that now he is happy to play in different roles.

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Success came to Viktor Dobronravov after the release of the TV series “Do not be born beautiful.” True, after participating in this project, the actor began to be invited only to positive roles. Victor notes that he did not like it at all.

“I had a rather long time after“ Don’t Be Born Beautiful ”, when I played good guys all the time. You don’t really need to play like that. He will help everyone, he will tell everyone, he will help everyone out. Well, it’s boring, to be honest. I would like to play some negative roles so that they are different. There are no bad people in life. We always justify ourselves, do certain actions, because it seems to us that this is necessary for ourselves or for the family. It seems from the outside that he is a scoundrel and a scoundrel, but from the inside a person never considers himself to be like that, ”Victor shared.

Viktor Dobronravov and Maria Mashkova in the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful”

However, now Dobronravov plays completely diverse roles. “Now I am glad that there is an opportunity. Even the three projects that have come out now are completely different, ”said Victor. So, Dobronravov shared that, in his opinion, the melodrama From Sadness to Joy, in which he starred, is a quiet family story, and the Bomb series is a project about young physicists who created the first atomic bomb in the USSR and fanatics of their own affairs. However, Victor noted that the important topic of patriotism and love is also raised in the multi-part film about scientists.

It is worth noting that the melodrama “From Sadness to Joy” starred the father and brother of Viktor Fyodor Viktorovich and Ivan. So, this project was the first in which the entire Dobronravov dynasty played. At the same time, according to their admission, many of the scenes that viewers see in the film were taken from their family life.

Fedor, Victor and Ivan Dobronravovs in the melodrama “From Sorrow to Joy”

In an exclusive video interview “Around TV” Victor spoke about his roles in the dramatic films “Grozny” and “Fire”. “In“ Grozny ”there is a completely different character and different rules of the game. And there are still a lot of projects that came out on New Year’s Eve. The “fire” is the same, where I am completely different: silent, sad, bearded. In the film “One” I am also such a laconic man of the system, a military man, all in himself, a man in a case, a man on schedule, according to the charter. And the vivid development of this character lies in the fact that he comes to the conclusion that in this life not everything needs to be done according to the instructions, and sometimes it is necessary in a human way, ”Dobronravov shared.

Exclusive video interview “Around TV” Viktor Dobronravov

Recall that Viktor Dobronravov was born in 1983 in Taganrog. The future actor from childhood was close to the world of art because of his father, the artist Fyodor Dobronravov. On account of Victor’s roles in the films “Escape”, “Chkalov”, “T-34” and other projects.

Now Viktor Dobronravov has two daughters growing up – Barbara and Vasilisa… Girls to the artist were born by his wife – photographer Alexandra Torgushnikova, with which he has been for over ten years. Dobronravov does not expect his daughters to continue their acting dynasty. Moreover, he decided not to take Varvara and Vasilisa with him to work, so that they would not get used to the creative environment. Victor believes that all world drama is based on male roles, and it is difficult to be a woman in cinema and theater. Dobronravov notes that one day the artists have a choice: to become a mother and wife or continue to give themselves to the stage without a family.

Victor Dobronravov with his wife and daughters

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