Jan 26, 2021
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Viktor Dobronravov explained why he refuses to shoot in international projects

17:42, 26.01.2021


The actor gave an exclusive video interview “Around TV”.

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Viktor Dobronravov from an early age was close to the world of art thanks to his father Fyodor Dobronavov. Talking about childhood, the actor recalls that he was constantly with his parent in the theater. Therefore, Victor never doubted that he would become artists. Although, Dobronravov admits that at one time he thought of becoming an athlete. However, the father’s example still became decisive for the actor in choosing a profession.

To date, Viktor Dobronravov’s filmography includes more than 60 projects. Success came to the artist after the release of the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful” in 2005. Since then, Victor managed to appear in such tapes as “What Men Talk About”, “T-34”, “Streltsov” and others. Also last fall, Dobronravov appeared in the TV series “Terrible”, playing the role of one of the guardsmen. And in winter, the film “Fire” was released on wide screens, in which the eldest son of Fyodor Dobronravov also starred.

Viktor Dobronravov in Grozny

It should be noted that Viktor Dobronravov is in demand not only among Russian film producers. As the actor said in an exclusive video interview “Around TV”, he periodically receives offers to play in international projects. However, so far Victor has not agreed to any of them.

The actor did not deny that he would like to shoot from Western directors, since, in his opinion, their cinematographs are different from ours. However, for now, he does not like the roles that Victor is offered to play. As the actor admitted, he is not interested in playing Russian characters in Western films.

“I have, so to speak, good English. But nobody needs him there! Because you need to play some Russian minister or some Russian KGB officer, conditionally. And there you have to say “this is my favorite game”, “I want to tell you”, “this is very good”, “very nice”, “my name is Viktor”. All!” – Victor shared.

Exclusive video interview “Around TV” with Viktor Dobronravov

Dobronravov also noted that every time he receives offers to play in an international project, he is asked to stay abroad for several months. However, Victor is not yet ready to leave his family for projects that are not interesting to him. “And they also ask you to go there and sit there for four months. And I’m not sure that for this I should leave the Vakhtangov theater, my family and play a conditional KGB officer, ”concluded the artist.

Recall that Viktor Dobrovnravov has been happily married to photographer Alexandra Torgushnikova for more than ten years now. The couple are raising two daughters – nine-year-old Varvara and four-year-old Vasilisa. By the way, Victor also said that he and his wife had fought only a few times over so many years of marriage. According to the actor, he and Alexandra can occasionally argue, but there are no conflicts between them.

Victor Dobronravov with children

It is noteworthy that Viktor Dobronravov decided not to take his children to work with him. As the actor himself admitted in October 2020, he does not want Vasilisa and Varvara to get used to the creative environment from a young age, as it once happened to him. According to the artist, it is difficult for women in cinema and theater.

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