Jan 29, 2021
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Viktor Alksnis: The West condemns Putin’s actions, but secretly applauds him

In the photo: Victor Alksnis

In the photo: Victor Alksnis

Colonel, former People’s Deputy of the USSR Victor Alksnis in a commentary to the Svobodnaya Pressa, he discusses the alliance of the left and liberals, the rhetoric of the West regarding the protests in Russia and the evolutionary path of development instead of revolution.

Do communists need to participate in protests

– I think yes. Look what happened in Khabarovsk when rallies in support of Sergei Furgal were held. At first, there were no red flags to be seen, because Furgal is not ours, but the Liberal Democratic Party is a competing party. But when they figured it out, ordinary communists also went out to the square. I think it is necessary to create a powerful front of national salvation, in which both the left and the right must unite. No one can win alone – neither the liberals nor the left.

On the union of the left and the liberals

– Yes, there are fundamental disagreements on political issues, but let’s at least find common points of contact – first, fair elections. So that the people themselves decide on fair elections. And not like now – they will draw the results somewhere in the presidential administration, and you vote, but you will get nothing. The next point of contact is the fight against corruption. Another is the responsibility of the authorities and the observance of the principle of separation of powers.

Communists and leftists need to unite with the liberals in the struggle to restore the normal functioning of the state. First of all, the formation of government bodies on the basis of fair elections. I see no other way. Otherwise, these issues will be resolved on the barricades, and I really would not like to witness a new Russian revolution in my declining years.

On the vertical of power

– The political system that has been created in Russia is extremely unstable. In 20 years, Putin has created a vertical of power and subjugated the judiciary and legislative power. It shouldn’t be. Not because it is written in the Constitution, but because this vertical without a system of checks and balances is very unstable – any critical situation leads to the fact that the system begins to hesitate and collapse sooner or later. Burying the whole of Russia under its rubble. It’s like putting up a tower without counterweights. It is necessary that the press can have freedom of expression, including those that do not like the authorities. But we are unlikely to achieve all this under the current government.

About youth at rallies

– Look at the composition of the protesters – one youth. And youth is the future. Older people are more law-abiding. They hammered into our heads – no matter how bad the power is, but it is power. Young people are different – I would not call them crazy. She is really keenly worried that she is deprived of the opportunity to influence the situation in the country and make a career. Young people are the engine of the new Russian revolution, but the Kremlin is initiating it.

About Western help

– The West is just interested in the situation developing in this way and all institutions collapsing, and not in a civilized way – through elections, discussion, freedom of march and manifestation. That is, those general democratic methods that are written in the Constitution. The alternative to this is only violence, and violence is the death of the Russian state.

The West is interested in the Kremlin standing to the end and crushing the opposition. At the same time, the West will pose as a lawyer and condemn these actions, but it is interested in this. The greater the scale of repression and suppression of freedoms, the higher the chance of revolutionary situations in Russia.

On the one hand, the West condemns Putin’s actions, and on the other hand, it applauds him, because it perfectly understands that this will lead to the destruction of the country. As in the years of the First World War, Germany was interested in sending the Bolsheviks who were in emigration to Russia, so now the West is interested in the urgent issues being resolved not in an evolutionary way, but in a revolutionary way – so that people’s discontent grows and this would lead to a violent change of power …

About “Perestroika”

– I remember myself 30 years ago, when I came to Moscow as a people’s deputy of the USSR, I came to the registration in the Kremlin’s St. George Hall and saw this sparkling ceiling – there was a feeling of celebration. Despite the fact that I was a member of the CPSU, I perfectly understood the shortcomings of the party system – the lack of freedom and the principles of democracy. I also wanted to live in a free country, but I did not think that everything would end as it ended. In 1989, I believed that we finally came to the right decisions and would build a truly just state in which we would preserve all the best that was in the Soviet period and add those positive things that parliamentary democracy provided.

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