Sep 12, 2020
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Vijay Archie sues million dollars for cyberbullying

16:31, 09/11/2020

A well-known TV presenter is trying to stop bullying on the web.

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TV presenter Arthur Tsvetkov, better known as VJ Archie, is the face and expert of Channel One, the winner of the "Cruel Intentions" show. He repeatedly took part in the project "Big Races", and many viewers remember him thanks to the program "Morning on TNT»And as a presenter of both MTV and MUZ-TV channels. In August, Tsvetkov found himself at the center of a scandal over an altercation with an employee of a Moscow cafe. Despite the fact that the everyday conflict with an employee of the institution from Kyrgyzstan was resolved within a few hours, it nevertheless acquired a national motive and provoked a massive stream of threats and insults against Arthur, as well as his family and close people. The fact is that the conflict with a catering employee was picked up by a leading Assol Moldokhmatova... She called the VJ a Nazi.

“The aforementioned @assol_moldokmatova apparently did not know the meaning of this word. Nevertheless, the woman deliberately set a good part of the brotherly Kyrgyz people against me, presenting the conflict, which we resolved immediately, in such a light that to this day I do not meet a single morning without wishes of death. Based on the foregoing and setting an example for future provocateurs, I intend to bring those involved to account for inciting ethnic hatred and sleepless nights of my family. I actively interact with young people and consider it my duty to set an example and fight for justice, "Arthur said in his microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes - Prim. line.).

Vijay Archie sues for bullying on the web

Cyberbullying, which has been going on for over a month, pushed the VJ to defend his rights through the courts. Together with a lawyer Anasom Elmurzaev Arthur prepared a lawsuit against the TV presenter. Tsvetkov formulated his demands in the form of a public refutation of the characteristics given to him and compensation for moral damage, estimated at one million dollars.

Vijay Archie

As Archie himself states, now he is forced to move with guards, because he constantly receives threats. “But third parties definitely need to take a ride and hyip on something that absolutely does not concern them. Unfortunately, I unwittingly became the object of attention of this type of people and now I have to move around with guards and constantly turn around in the crowd, because my life is threatened every day, and even worse, threats come to my family and loved ones, ”added Artur. Tsvetkov stressed that he is transferring this case into the hands of professional lawyers and will, together with them, defend the legality and the need to bear responsibility for their calls and actions in public space.

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