Sep 8, 2022
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Viewers of the popular show were offered to pay their electricity bills as a prize

paying bills as a prizeResidents of the UK, who watched the next edition of the popular show “This Morning”, were dissatisfied with the prize that could be received.

paying bills as a prize

During the TV show, the host spins the wheel and chooses a prize that will go to one of the viewers. The potential lucky winner was pre-selected using the “This Morning” mobile app. Usually the top prize was £1,000, but this time the most generous gift was a new item – payment of electricity bills. By the way, it was she who fell on the wheel. Philip Schofield, who was spinning the wheel, explained that the winner would be paid his electricity bills for the next 4 months.

paying bills as a prize

Quite a few viewers expressed outrage at such a strange prize, which was called dystopian and reminding people of a too grim reality. In addition, This Morning was accused of practically making fun of the crisis. Although the lucky winner of the unusual prize was satisfied and called his luck “fantastic”.

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