Apr 1, 2021
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Videos featuring seriously ill couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev appeared on TikTok

08:17, 01.04.2021

The video with the 83-year-old fashion designer is filmed by members of the Garafutdinov family, who call themselves close relatives of the star.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev is known as the discoverer of Soviet and Russian fashion, the world famous couturier, whose talent was recognized back in the 60s Pierre Cardin and Guy Laroche. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich’s career began at one of the experimental sewing factories in Moscow, where he was the artistic director. Then Zaitsev headed the Fashion House on Kuznetsky Most, and since the 80s his name has been firmly associated with the Fashion House on Prospekt Mir, where the most famous pret-a-porter and haute couture collections outside the country were created. Many viewers remember the maestro as a unique host of the show “Fashionable Sentence”, on which Vyacheslav Zaitsev worked from 200 to 2009.

Five years ago, it became known about Zaitsev’s serious illness. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This slowly progressive neurological disease is characterized by decreased motor activity and tremors of the limbs. The fashion figure practically does not appear in the light, and cannot move without assistance. The video, which shows how the fashion designer, with the help of a special lifting mechanism, overcomes the flights of stairs of his luxurious three-story mansion, was published in her microblog on Instagram by Tatyana Mikhalkova. In the videos, the seriously ill Zaitsev does not look depressed and smiles. Tatyana Evgenievna herself told that the couturier is cheerful and tries to maintain an active image and even acts in the show.

Tatiana Mikhalkova and Vyacheslav Zaitsev

However, after television reports from the birthday of Zaitsev, there were rumors that a frail elderly person was being used for PR purposes. The son of a fashion designer Egor Zaitsev even accused the organizers of the event in honor of his father’s 83rd birthday of selling tickets for the couturier’s birthday. Thanks to such “passages” it was possible to look at the stars of the domestic show business, for example, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, who were invited as guests of honor. In addition, Zaitsev Jr. claimed that fraudsters settled in his father’s house, trying to deceive his property.

Galina Garafutdinova with Vyacheslav Zaitsev

It was about Galina Garafutdinova and her children Lucane and Timur… Galina has participated in the “Fashionable Sentence” in the past, and her son is pursuing a musical career. They call themselves friends of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, and publish videos with Zaitsev in their microblogs on Instagram and even TikTok. So, in the account of the popular social network Garafutdinova, a video appeared in which she dances against the background of a fashion designer descending with a crane. At the same time, the maestro smiles. Yesterday, Galina’s son shot a video in which he showed how he and Zaitsev were sitting at his work computer, working on the design of silk scarves for one of the couturier’s collections. “Pleasant working moments with a friend of our family, we make new prints together”, – Timur signed the publication (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Noteed.).

Timur Garafutdinov published a video with Vyacheslav Zaitsev

We add that yesterday Lev Leshchenko also expressed his concerns about the state of health of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Lev Valerianovich believes that the renowned fashion designer does not quite adequately perceive reality, like any seriously ill person. The singer said that he was also at the birthday party of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich and was surprised that the maestro was present at the evening. “He wasn’t in very good shape, of course. He is already in such a half-forgotten state, and it was surprising that they brought him, ”Leshchenko said.

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