Sep 20, 2022
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Video of removing a snake from a woman’s ear has scared many people

extracting a snake from a woman's earPeople who are afraid of snakes have now found out that their phobia has a new, very creepy variety – the fear that a snake will crawl into the ear.

extracting a snake from a woman's ear

At least, this is the conclusion that can be drawn if you look at the footage that appeared on the Internet and shows how a certain person (apparently a doctor) is trying to extract a live snake from the ear of a stranger.

extracting a snake from a woman's ear

Initially, an unpleasant scene was shared with subscribers by Indian Chandan Singh, an influential person in social networks. However, he did not indicate the location or time of filming, nor the names of the actors. It also remains a mystery whether the removal of the snake from the poor woman’s ear was successful.

extracting a snake from a woman's ear

Despite the fact that the situation has frightened many people, skeptics console everyone who is nervous that the video is fake. It is hard to imagine that a whole snake could fit in the ear canal. In addition, the reptile sticks its head out of the ear, which means that it first crawled into the ear, and then also managed to turn around in such a limited space. It’s all too fucking fantastic.

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