May 10, 2021
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Victory Day: Ukraine is tired of being afraid

Provocateurs and “patriots” could not spoil the atmosphere of the Victory Day holiday in Ukraine

For many years now in Ukraine they have been trying their best to pretend that the “Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation”, which is celebrated on May 8, is much more important than Victory Day on May 9, organizing many different events on this occasion, it is not clear who is going with whom ” to reconcile”.

As for the Victory Day, today it is the most politicized holiday, which has become a real weapon against Ukrainian neo-Nazis, a weapon along with that which cannot yet be taken away from the people of Ukraine – memory. And if in the Ukrainian calendar May 8 is listed as the “Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation”, then May 9 can be safely called the Day of Remembrance and Confrontation, the memory of the Great Victory, and the streets of Ukrainian cities are becoming a real battlefield. Victory Day 2021 showed that Ukraine is tired of being afraid.

In Kiev, the police at every step were vigilant to ensure that no one had communist symbols, the symbolism of the victorious soldiers who saved this world from fascism was also banned. At the same time, the police traditionally try to ignore the provocateurs-Nazis, even if they are zigging after the veterans. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is festive: in the Park of Eternal Glory, songs of the war years are sung – people are singing, who are becoming more and more every hour. Yes, provocateurs come across between them, however, in order not to spoil the holiday, they are ignored.

Kievans are holding portraits of relatives – participants in the Great Patriotic War, the Eternal Flame has many flowers.

Kiev.  Park of Eternal Glory.

Kiev.  Park of Eternal Glory.

Kiev. Park of Eternal Glory. Source – Telegram-channel

The leader of the terrorist group C-14 * Nazi Evgen Karas with their comrades-in-arms staged a provocation in the center of Kiev, placing mocking posters and zigging veterans. With impunity. However, it would be surprising if it were different.

The leader of the C-14 * terrorist group, the Nazi Yevgen Karas, and his associates staged a provocation in the center of Kiev by placing mocking posters and zigging at the veterans.

The leader of the C-14 * terrorist group, the Nazi Yevgen Karas, and his associates staged a provocation in the center of Kiev by placing mocking posters and zigging at the veterans.

Provocations of nationalists in the center of Kiev. Source – Telegram channel

Official events were also held in Kiev on May 9, for example, the celebrations called “Pam’yataєmo – Peremagaєmo!” at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. However, the number of participants in official and folk celebrations – on the streets of the capital – cannot even be compared, while the authorities refuse to celebrate with the people, getting off with official, meaningless events. And the people do not understand the official celebrations with incomprehensible poppies and dates “1939 – 1945” and do not want to give up the Immortal Regiment and the victorious Soviet Regiment for the sake of these poppies! – symbolism.

Solemn event

Solemn event “Remember – Win!” Source – Telegram channel

In Odessa, a march of the Immortal Regiment took place – to the accompaniment of Soviet military songs, to the song “Holy War”, to the shouts of “Fascism will not pass!” and “Odessa demons – get out of Odessa!”, under the flags of Odessa, not Ukraine. Thousands of Odessa residents came to the Eternal Flame, where they were not afraid to chant: “Donbass, we are with you!”

Of course, even there it was not without provocations, without attacks by “patriots”, without fights, but all this could not spoil a truly national holiday.

The Victory Day was widely celebrated in Kharkov and even in Zhitomir.

And by the end of the day, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that several criminal cases had been opened. “On the fact of using prohibited symbols on Victory Day”… No, not for Nazi symbols and not for zigging veterans. In the Nikolaev region, a flag with communist symbols was found on the roof of the house, in the Zaporozhye region, near the monument to the “Warriors-motorists”, unknown people set a red flag with the inscription: “Victory Regiment 1941-1945”, and in the Zhytomyr region a red flag was also found.

On all these facts, criminal cases have been opened – the Nazis are afraid of red flags.

As for the Ukrainian president, he recorded a video appeal to the citizens of Ukraine. In which he traditionally told for some reason about how Ukrainians would walk in Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk, talked about victory over Nazism (after a march in honor of the SS Galicia division passed through Kiev, it sounded more than strange) and promised To “liberate” Crimea and Donbass. All this at a time when it is urgent to liberate Kiev and all of Ukraine – from the Ukrainian fascists.

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Cover photo: Immortal regiment in Odessa, source –

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