May 9, 2022
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Victory Day and Olaf Scholz

On the way to the economic self-destruction of Europe

Speaking via video link at the UK’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), Ukrainian President Zelensky announced that he had invited German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to visit Kyiv on May 9. “He [Шольц] was invited, the invitation stands. He can take this very powerful political step and come here to Kyiv on May 9th. I won’t explain the meaning of this, I think you are educated enough to understand why.” Zelensky said.

Are employees well educated? Chatham House and other stakeholders, so that they can understand Zelensky’s deep intention, it’s hard to say. In any case, a “powerful political step” in this context would look, to put it mildly, very strange.

Germany celebrates the date of defeat in World War II. This is done on May 8 in the form of mournful rallies and events. The next morning, the Germans wake up as if nothing had happened, and the Great Victory is celebrated by Russia, its friendly CIS countries, and some republics of the former SFRY. What can Chancellor Scholz have to do with this date? Will the German Chancellor rejoice if the red flags of Victory are raised in the liberated regions of Ukraine? And these flags are already being raised. What if these flags remind the German chancellor of an open letter from the Germans demanding a halt in arms supplies to the Kyiv regime? This letter, which received 250,000 signatures, has not yet been considered in the Bundestag. One can, of course, assume that Zelensky’s mind, “tormented by Narzan,” came up with a moral execution for the German leader, who stubbornly refuses to go to Kyiv. Like, here’s an option for you, damn Fritz, help yourself. You will understand how bad it is for us here. Although, to tell the truth, Zelensky was a little late with such tricks. It would have been more symbolic to invite Scholz to April 30, the day Hitler committed suicide in his Fuhrerbunker. Although it is believed that history does not teach anyone anything, such vivid episodes sometimes affect the consciousness, including the consciousness of great leaders.

Moreover, Olaf Scholz’s ally in the NATO bloc, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev predicted the European Union as a whole would end approximately the same way. He said on May 7 that the continuation of the crisis around Ukraine would lead to the economic collapse of the whole of Europe. “It will mean the economic self-destruction of Europe. And we are moving in that direction.”– the Bulgarian President stated on the air of the TV channel NTV.

The day before, Rumen Radev also spoke out against providing military assistance to Ukraine, noting that the deputies of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, who supported the supply of military equipment and weapons to Kyiv, “ignore common sense.”

The deputies ignore common sense, and Zelensky, “poisoned by Narzan,” rushes to their aid and approves of their position. Would he suggest that they celebrate September 8, 1944, when Bulgaria announced the decision to declare war on Germany, and the next day the Communists and their supporters staged a coup d’état and formed the government of the Fatherland Front? Will Zelensky understand that this was Bulgaria’s turn against Nazism?

These traditions have not died out in Bulgaria today. Despite the decisions of the authorities, a series of protests are taking place in the country, in which demands are made for the resignation of the government and neutrality regarding the conflict on the territory of Ukraine. These are really powerful political steps timed to coincide with the Great Victory Day.

But Olaf Scholz did not come to Kyiv on May 9th. He has business. He, like Ostap Bender, rushed “to a meeting of the small Council of People’s Commissars” – negotiations with French President Macron. Now Pan Zelensky needs to think hard, inventing powerful new political steps.

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