Nov 19, 2021
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Victoria Tolstoganova shocked that she is forbidden to act in sex scenes


The erotic scene with actress Victoria Tolstoganova was criticized by the audience.

The premiere of the series “Official” on the KION platform was not without scandals. But the discussion was not caused by the plot telling about the activities of a civil servant implicated in corruption. Fans and journalists were interested in the opening bed scene with the participation of Victoria Tolstoganova and Maxim Vitorgan.

I read here on the Zakuliska Telegram channel that sex with 49-year-old Tolstoganova should not have been filmed. Well, what arrogance ?! Regarding the fact that this scene was re-filmed at my request. This is all a lie! Nobody gave money for this. Maxim and I would love to reshoot. The fact is that this scene was filmed on the very first day. Of course, Maxim and I have known each other for a long time, but this does not mean that we were ready. And it’s not just about authenticity. I needed to understand what kind of heroine I was, and then immediately a bed scene!“- said the actress.

Victoria Tolstoganova and Maxim Vitorgan
Victoria Tolstoganova and Maxim Vitorgan

Victoria stressed that the shooting of this episode did not affect her relationship with Maxim Vitorgan in any way. Moreover, the artists continue to collaborate.

Now Maxim and I always act together. Right now the series “There is something missing in Borenka” is coming out. We play together there too. In this series, I am very in love with Maxim.“, – shared Tolstoganova on the air of the show” Evening Urgant “on Channel One.

It is worth noting that in recent years, the actress has starred in TV series a lot. The star chooses the most unusual roles, which helps her to reveal herself to the audience from a completely new side. Tolstoganova’s creative courage also pleases the directors, because the actress is always ready for experiments.

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