Oct 14, 2021
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Victoria Nuland left Ukraine without cookies and jam

Ukraine has reached a ceiling in relations with the United States

Ukraine should pay close attention to the results of the discussion of the “Ukrainian issue” during the just-ended visit to Moscow by US Deputy Secretary of State V. Nuland. They did not expect such a blow in the back that happened there from Victoria Nuland, the mother of the Maidan revolution, who fed its participants from the hand, in Kiev. Even the day before, many Ukrainian media were dominated by the expression of hopes that she would “fight in the Kremlin” for her blood (in all senses) children and defend all their demands in disputes with Moscow.

V. Nuland on the Maidan in Kiev:

V. Nuland on the Maidan in Kiev:

V. Nuland on the Maidan in Kiev: “Take it, take it, I’ll bring it still.” Didn’t bring …

Certain grounds for optimism were given to Kiev by the results of the negotiations between V. Zelensky and Joe Biden in the United States, when in their joint document in the section on Ukraine nothing was said either about the special status of Donbass, or about the Minsk agreements as such. And when the guests invited Washington to join the Normandy format, the hosts did not say yes or no, from which Zelensky’s office started talking about the imminent appearance of a reliable patron in this format in the person of the White House.

“America will not abandon us – we are not Afghans!”

But then Nuland flew to Moscow with an extensive agenda, and her conversation with the deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation D. Kozak, authorized to handle Ukrainian affairs, went somehow completely differently. Following the conversation, D. Kozak said: “During the negotiations, the position of the United States voiced in Geneva was confirmed that without agreeing on the future parameters of autonomy (or, in other words, the special status of Donbass within Ukraine), significant progress in resolving the conflict is hardly possible.”… The parties also confirmedthat the Minsk agreements remain the only basis for resolving the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. There was no talk of Washington joining the Normandy format. The fact that the opinions of the parties coincided here is also evidenced by the fact that they agreed to continue consultations on Ukraine. Hence, it was correctly said that “It is necessary to talk with the overlord, and not with the vassal”

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation D. Kozak, behind him someone

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation D. Kozak, behind him someone “similar to V. Nuland”

Nuland did not refute what Kozak said and generally avoided any comments; she apparently had crumbs of shame in front of the Kiev “abandoned lads”. Instead, she preferred to admire the last days of golden autumn on the streets of Moscow.

However, this is not the only bad news for Kiev from America. The White House announced that it was finally abandoning any sanctions against the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. It became known that the IMF tranche promised to Ukraine this year in the amount of $ 2.7 billion will be cut more than half. This was reported by Jp morgan in October materials EMEA EM Emerging Markets Research… A little more than $ 1 billion will be allocated to Ukraine by the end of the year. And this is a disaster for the Ukrainian economy, since the previously announced $ 2.7 billion has already been laid out in the budget. And taking into account the increased costs for gas (supposedly reverse), the government has absolutely nothing to close the huge budget hole with. In the coming winter, Ukraine is threatened with frost not only natural, but also financial. Knowing that the IMF is controlled by the United States, it is appropriate to ask, why all of a sudden such harshness in relation to the “reliable satellite” in Kiev?

V. Zelensky: You can't get away with jokes here

V. Zelensky: you can’t get away with jokes here

The fact of the matter is that the reliability of V. Zelensky has been causing great doubts in Washington for some time now. And this is hardly connected with speculation that the White House intends to “exchange” Ukraine for Moscow’s renunciation of its alliance with Beijing. Such an “exchange” would be both immoral and not equal. Such proposals in the Kremlin, most likely, would be regarded as another provocation of the “wise Washington cunning”. And Washington hardly intends to abandon Ukraine as an instrument of weakening Russia.

However, he also does not want to be overly engaged in an increasingly “toxic” Ukraine. It is possible that the latest information that overflowed the patience of the Americans was the published information about the offshore accounts of President V. Zelensky. And we are not talking about sheltering them from taxes on their income for rental activities. The subject of the charge is much more serious. Kolomoisky’s dirty money was and is being laundered through these accounts. So far, about $ 40 million have been identified. Kolomoisky in the United States is an absolutely odious figure, since he not only brought stolen money to America, like other “respectable” businessmen, but also robbed the Americans with might and main. Criminal prosecution is underway against him in the United States. Therefore, when the White House calls on Zelensky to “fight the oligarchs,” he always means first of all Kolomoisky, who called himself Zhidobandera, and only then figures like Medvedchuk, and not vice versa. Finding that Zelenskiy still remains an obedient puppet in Kolomoisky’s hands was a shock to Washington.


It is noteworthy that, unlike the days preceding Nuland’s visit to Moscow, when the Ukrainian media had a lot of all kinds of comments and predictions about the visit, now no one writes anything in the main Ukrainian publications. Apparently, the results of the visit were quite shocking and unexpected for Ukrainian politicians and experts. Only the half-witted political shaman and concurrently speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group Alexey Arestovich saw something useful for Ukraine in Nuland’s visit to Moscow. But everywhere he fancies “peremoga”.

But more sane analysts warned: the world is not Ukrainian-centric, the United States has many interests around the world, Ukraine is not in the first place on the American international agenda, when the president wakes up every morning and looks at what happened to Ukraine.

Another Ukrainian publicist writes: “Ukraine’s foreign policy this year has finally reached a strategic impasse”… In 2021, there was already undisguised public irritation and disappointment, which was clearly manifested during the May visit of Secretary of State E. Blinken to Kiev and the Geneva summit of Putin-Biden in June. There is no longer a single West as such; there are different blocks of it, with which it is necessary to work separately. And in relations with the United States, Ukraine has reached a ceiling. V. Nuland’s visit to Moscow was about the same.

The message for Kiev from AMBNULAND can also be read as

The message for Kiev from AMBNULAND can also be read as “zeroing”

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