Dec 29, 2020
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Victoria Lopyreva received a high position in Moscow

Fashion model and TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva, in pursuit of the man, took up her career. She received a high position in Moscow.

Victoria Lopyreva received a high position in Moscow

Recently it became famous that the faithful Victoria Lopyreva Igor Bulatov took a high-ranking post in the Komi government and has already left to “restore order” to the region.

At this time Victoria along with her son continued to travel the world. From time to time, the official went to visit the family. Now the model is planning to move to the capital.

On her page on the social network, the 37-year-old TV presenter said that she won the elections, and next year she will become the head of the sectoral commission for the development of the sports industry in the Association of Managers. The fashion model noted that the real organization portrays one of the largest business societies in Russia.

“I will promote the most important practices,” Lopyreva reported, not without pride. 37-year-old celebrity on social media.

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