Dec 30, 2020
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Victoria Lopyreva boasted of a new position and summed up the results of the year

Victoria Lopyreva boasted of a new position and summed up the results of the year

Model Victoria Lopyreva has found many advantages in the past year.

The socialite decided to publicly sum up the results of the outgoing year. In her personal blog, she listed what she is especially proud of and what will remain in her memory for a long time.

First of all, the girl noticed that self-isolation had a definite plus: she spent a lot of time with her husband Igor Bulatov and son Mark Lionel. And after the restrictions were lifted, her husband became the first deputy chairman of the Komi government.

Many refuse to sum up the results of 2020, calling it one of the worst, because the bad is always remembered more vividly than the good.

As for me, I found for myself at least 10 reasons to consider this year a good one:

– In quarantine, my husband and I spent a lot of time together; in fact, we all spent a lot of time with our families. I think this is a plus!

– I had the opportunity to be with the child almost all the time, and within the normal schedule I would have been torn.

Victoria Lopyreva
Victoria Lopyreva

– Held 2 very successful significant events (in March and December), which helped me achieve my goals for the year.

– Just the other day I was elected the head of the commission for the development of the sports industry in the business Association of Managers of Russia, I will start working soon. I’m looking forward to, a lot of plans!

– I visited Kamchatka this year and celebrated my birthday in the crater of the volcano, as I dreamed! ❤️Discovered many new places in Russia and I’m extremely happy about it!

-I became the wife of a man who took a high position! I am proud of this, as well as the rest of my husband’s successes.

– In conclusion, about something very important. I am grateful this year for the fact that I still have the opportunity to help people and participate in the camp for smiley children. I do not like to advertise this, because it is always a personal story with deep feelings, but now I decided to include this item, because I think that it is really important

In general, I do not want to scold this year at all, because besides all the accompanying difficulties, it also helped each of us to plunge into our thoughts, get to know ourselves and appreciate our loved ones even more.

I propose to think and write in the comments what good came into your life in 2020. It is very useful to focus on the positive moments, creating a favorable emotional background for the beginning of the next year. Ps It didn’t fit about a trip to the Maldives in a large house in full force (almost), as I always dreamed – with my son! ❤️ The best thing that could be is to run barefoot together on the sand 👣 around the island 🏝 and catch lizards by the tail 🦎 It seems to be nothing special, but I caught myself thinking that this is one of the best moments of the year! Family comes first!“, – she clarified.

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