Feb 23, 2021
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Victoria Korotkova, who arranged a fatal traffic accident 4 months ago, said that she was not yet ready to drive herself

22:06, 23.02.2021

A participant in the reality show “The Bachelor” hired a driver.

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Last October, the 26-year-old star of the show “Bachelor” Victoria Korotkova got into an accident with a fatal outcome. A participant in Romantic Reality was driving an SUV and hit a pedestrian who was running across Kutuzovsky Prospect. The person injured in the accident died from his injuries. Victoria was much more fortunate, but the star suffered a concussion despite the airbags deployed in the model’s car.

The incident hit Korotkova hard. The model cut herself off from the outside world. For a long time, Victoria did not leave home, refused to talk to journalists, and also stopped keeping her microblog on Instagram. Only today, the star of “Bachelor” for the first time decided to share her experiences about the accident. In her interview, Korotkova admitted that she is still coming to her senses. According to Victoria, at the moment she is psychologically unable to drive a car on her own.

Victoria Korotkova is not ready to get behind the wheel after an accident

“Until I am ready to drive, now only with a driver. The first time, when I was driving through the accident site, I closed my eyes, because I could not calmly react, I was tormented by flashbacks. I lived in hell. Now it’s like building a house for me. I am laying myself out brick by brick, trying to fix something, ”Korotkova said. The model also added that the accident changed her life. Now Victoria finds the strength to live on and study with a teacher in speech technique. The star does not want to make global plans at this stage, however, in her conversation with a reporter Tatler Korotkova said that in the future she wants to try her hand at television.

It is worth adding that after the accident, no criminal case was initiated against Victoria Korotkova. how explained model, the investigation made this decision after the results of the auto-mechanical examination. It became known that Victoria had no way of avoiding the collision. Also, the innocence of the star was proved by video from surveillance cameras and testimony of witnesses. Due to a sharp collision in the car, the airbags were deployed, which prevented Korotkova from driving the car. Thus, Victoria’s lawyers received a decision to refuse to initiate a case due to the absence of signs of corpus delicti provided for in Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Victoria Korotkova did not get in touch for four months

By the way, after the accident, many show business stars sided with Victoria. Despite the fact that Korotkova knocked down a pedestrian to death, she was supported Victoria Dayneko, Ksenia Borodinaand also the winner of the “Bachelor” Daria Klyukina… Daineko and Borodina believe that the victim is to blame for the accident. According to the stars, running across Kutuzovsky Prospect is stupid. Klyukina said that anyone could be in Korotkova’s place.

Recall that Victoria took part in the sixth season of the show “The Bachelor”. The model fought for the singer’s heart Egor Creed… Korotkova managed to reach the reality finals together with Klyukina. In one of the episodes of the program, the star decided to take a bold step to impress Yegor – Victoria asked Creed to fill her with a tattoo on her own, reminiscent of one of their dates. However, despite the beautiful gesture from Korotkova at the end of the show, the musician gave preference to Daria.

Victoria Korotkova with Daria Klyukina

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