Dec 31, 2020
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Victoria Isakova shared a touching photo with her daughter on her father’s lap

Victoria Isakova shared a touching photo with her daughter on her father's lap

44-year-old actress Victoria Isakova delighted fans with a family photo with her five-year-old daughter and husband.

The star leads a closed lifestyle, she rarely shares personal information, so this is an exciting event for loyal fans of Victoria. Isakova has been married to director, actor and producer Yuri Moroz for 17 years. The famous filmmaker has a 37-year-old daughter, Daria, from her first marriage. The star of the TV series “Kept Women” gets along well with her father’s new family and adores her charming little sister, who is younger than her daughter Anna.

Victoria Isakova's husband with her daughter
Yuri Moroz with his daughter

The star of the series “Tenderness” captured her daughter and husband. Varvara settled down on her father’s lap and placed her hand trustingly on his chest. The girl was in nude tights and a knitted dress with a white top and a colorful skirt. Yuri Moroz put on a youth sports jacket and jeans. He looked at his late child with undisguised love and tenderness. “Perfect couple“, – said the moved star mother.

Five-year-old Varvara became a desired and long-awaited child for her parents. They tragically lost their firstborn. The girl died a few months after birth. Victoria recently revealed this secret. Isakova’s fans learned about Varya’s existence a few years after her birth. Only this year, the theater and film actress began to publish rare pictures of the baby.

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