Jul 19, 2020
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Victoria Dayneko has provoked rumors about the new novel

Victoria Dayneko has provoked rumors about the new novel

Singer Victoria Dayneko shared a photo with a handsome man.

Artist for a very long time keeps her personal life away from human eyes and conversations. After the divorce with Dmitry Kleiman, with whom at first was very bad, the singer was seen in public with anyone. Once only she broke loose and admitted that really is in a new relationship and even after this became more economic. But the affair quickly ended.

Now, Vick has again triggered rumors that she has a new lover. Star has published in a personal blog pictures from Russian fashion designer, who calls himself Oscar Renkel.

Cheryl Cole in a new man
Victoria Daineko with a new man

The man lives and works in new York, the age of hiding, but we know that he is about 35 years old. Previously, he periodically flashed on Russian TV in the "Battle of the restaurants" to "Friday" in the "Dom-2" and show "against Borodina Buzova" on TNT.

Fans of Victoria really want to see she's found her true happiness, so ready to marry her with every man that appears in her company. However, the relationship with Oscar is still early to say. Though it is known that it is not yet connected by marriage with any woman, but a photo with Victoria, though such soft, could just mean friendship or just a joint photo shoot for a joint project.

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