Jan 23, 2021
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Victoria Bonya urged Olga Buzova not to bring the details of her life with David Manukyan to a public court

14:03, 01/22/2021

The TV presenter is sure that the lovers will make up.

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Problems in the relationship between Olga Buzova and David Manukyan began after the singer’s birthday. Two days ago, Maria Pogrebnyak published a video in which Buzova pushed Manukyan away from herself. After that, the lovers unsubscribed from each other in microblogs on Instagram. And today the 35-year-old singer announced her breakup with 27-year-old David. Buzova also admitted that she was very worried about this decision. In addition, the singer has many other problems that she does not want to talk about. In a difficult period, the TV star is supported by relatives and friends. Many famous artists, such as Lolita Milyavskaya and Andrei Malakhov, took the side of the singer. The close friend of the TV star Maria Pogrebnyak, as well as TV presenter Victoria Bonya, did not stand aside.

In her microblog on Instagram, Bonya urged Buzova not to bring the details of her personal life to a public court. Moreover, the TV presenter said that Olga and David will make up. “Good morning everyone, although some have good, some have not. I looked at the latest news that Olga Buzova is breaking up with her boyfriend, read their correspondence with David. I appeal to Olga Buzova and everyone who is now experiencing this. Ol, please, dear, do not repeat mistakes. Relationships are generally very difficult to find, start, and it seems to me that all relationships are always from above. And now, in a fit of anger, you can do a lot of stupid things, ”Bonya turned to Buzova.

Victoria Bonya urged Olga Buzova not to bring the details of her personal life with David Manukyan to a public court

Victoria Bonya is sure that Olga, in a fit of anger, can make mistakes, which she may soon regret. For this reason, as the TV presenter noted, Buzovoy should take a break: “When I saw the news for the first time, I thought that everything would still get better. But now, when personal correspondence has begun, after that no self-respecting man will return to a woman. Therefore, Ol, stop, while now it hurts and is hard for you, take a break. There is no need to show anything, people just want this – they are waiting with popcorn when you start spreading the details of your personal life. Don’t do this, have self-respect, and don’t show anything that could compromise you. “

It is worth noting that Buzova did not immediately disclose the details of the break in relations with David. The singer first made it clear that the blogger had done an act that was unacceptable to her. In addition, the TV star asked not to mention Manukyan in her presence. However, later Buzova still decided to talk about what happened between them with David. As it turned out, Buzova had many reasons for parting with her chosen one.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

So, in her microblog on Instagram, Buzova published a correspondence with her lover, in which she accuses him of assault and infidelity. In addition, according to Olga, David constantly insulted her. It was also revealed that the vacation in the Maldives, where the couple celebrated the New Year 2021, was ruined. David, as Buzova said, was dissatisfied with something and in a sharp form notified the singer that he wanted to leave for Moscow. By the way, David Manukyan’s mother has already reacted to the situation. Anna Manukyan urged not to believe that her son beat the TV presenter. She recalled that the singing TV presenter also accused the ex-husband of Dmitry Tarasov of assault.

Anna and David Manukyan, Olga Buzova

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