Oct 27, 2021
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Victoria Bonya spoke about the enmity with Borodina


41-year-old model Victoria Bonya said that Borodina is afraid of her.

The former participant of the show “Dom-2” has been in conflict with its presenter for many years. Victoria flew from Monaco to Moscow last week to receive the People of the Year award from FB magazine. A star in an erotic outfit went up to the stage where Ksenia stood. The host of the event could not restrain her emotions and tried to drive her acquaintance away. However, Bonya noticed Borodina’s displeasure and laughed at the situation.

The fashion model and blogger made fun of her opponent, who disliked her company. Victoria believes that Xenia has no courage.

As for Ksenia Borodina, I see that people who are bold in their statements in their stories, when they have several takes, can rarely express their opinion to a strong person, whom they may consider as their rival. This requires will of character and a little mind. When there is neither one nor the other, it is difficult to tell your opinion to a person. Those who bark, they can only be called dogs, you know, as they say: “The dogs bark, the caravan is coming.”“, – Bonya pointed out tartly.

Ksenia Borodina
Ksenia Borodina

Former lover Alex Smurfit was a participant in the reality show “Stars in Africa”. She left the television project on the very first broadcast. Victoria assured that she did not conflict with anyone on the site. However, she had skirmishes with Stanislav Yarushin.

When we arrived in Moscow and I saw the show, I was very surprised by the behavior of one participant. I do not like hypocrisy, especially when this quality is manifested in a man. The bar of this man fell in my eyes to a “grumpy woman”. I don’t want to say the names, the audience will understand … The most cowardly voted for the strongest players. And Svetlana Permyakova deserves to win“, – pointed out Bonya in an interview with” Interlocutor “.

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