Sep 16, 2022
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Victoria Bonya spoke about a stroke during the ascent


Presenter and model Victoria Bonya spoke about the horrors of her ascent.

The socialite decided to change five-star hotels for a tent in the middle of Mount Manaslu. The ex-participant of “DOMA-2” conquers the peaks of the Himalayas together with a group of the same desperate adventure hunters. The television personality had to face a number of dangerous situations.

So, for example, today the 42-year-old star was on the verge of death. Bonya said that she slipped in the same place where one of the group members almost fell into the abyss. Fortunately, an instructor was nearby, who picked up the women in time.

Victoria complained of leg swelling and other consequences of a long climb. However, these are only trifles before what happened to the expedition member.

Victoria Bonya - photo from the archive -
Victoria Bonya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Unfortunately, mountains are not only divine beauty, but also a risk to health / life. A young man of 35 had a stroke and half of his body was paralyzed. A helicopter followed him. This is still lucky, because in such weather, usually the helicopter will not even take off. Let’s hope he can walk, or at least stand up. The rescue operation cost $40,000.“, – shared Victoria.

Fans ask why Bonet needs such tests. They fear that something might happen to the ex-participant of reality.

People are afraid of death. For them, this is the worst thing that can happen, and it is this fear that stops many on the path of self-knowledge! I go consciously to the mountains, realizing that anything can happen, just like everyone else who goes here. For me, the thirst for real life is much stronger than the fear of death. That’s why I don’t feel this fear for a long time“, – writes the star.

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