Jan 24, 2021
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Victoria Bonya responded to accusations of self-promotion at the breakup of Olga Buzova

14:01, 24.01.2021

The TV personality believes that everything will work out for her colleague.

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Olga Buzova on January 22 announced a breakup with David Manukyan, with whom they had been together since 2019. The news caused a wide discussion not only among the fans of the couple, but also among their stellar colleagues. So, Victoria Bonya, after the singing TV presenter began to publish personal correspondence with her lover and accuse him of assault and treason, urged Olga to stop.

“Ol, stop, while now it hurts and hard for you, take a break. There is no need to show anything, people just want this – they are waiting with popcorn when you start spreading the details of your personal life. Do not do this, have respect for yourself, and do not show anything that could compromise you, “Victoria turned to her colleague in her microblog on Instagram. After that, many accused Bonya of self-promotion amid the breakup of the couple. The public noted that if the instadiva really wanted to give advice to the performer of the hit “Little Halves”, she would have done it in private messages.

Victoria Bonya

Victoria reacted to the accusations against her by refuting them. In addition, Bonya ridiculed the speculation and said that there could be no talk of self-promotion. As an argument, she noted that the appeal to Olga appeared exclusively on her page in the microblog. “How can I advertise at my Storeis? This is my profile. They are watched only by those who follow me, who are interested in me, ”explained Victoria. “I see how Olga loves Davout and he also loves her very much. A man loves, she suffers. Lovely ones scold – only amuse themselves. I hope that this is the story and in a week or two we will see their happy eyes, ”concluded Victoria.

Bonya noted that people who write insults at Manukyan thus do not support Buzova. “On the contrary, you are doing even worse. They support – this is when you say that everything will work out, ”said instadiva. Victoria also noted that a real friend is a person who always speaks the truth, even if it may not be very pleasant at some point.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

Recall that Olga and David declassified their relationship in December 2019. The couple met on the set of the Liker video. According to bloggers, a spark immediately flashed between them. After meeting Manukyan, the TV personality went to look for her love in the “Plan B” show. But in the final, the reality TV star chose not to choose anyone. And she confessed to her show partner Timur Batrutdinov: her heart is busy and she is happy. The lovers began to share joint photographs, met each other’s parents and dreamed of family and children. Before the New Year, the couple flew to the Maldives, where they got married. But, according to Roza Syabitova, this registration has no legal force on the territory of the Russian Federation. The famous matchmaker also noted that she does not believe in the couple’s breakup. In her opinion, Olga just made herself a black PR.

Timur Batrutdinov and Olga Buzova

Note that before that Olga had gone through a difficult divorce from football player Dmitry Tarasov. The couple broke up in 2016. Olga stated that the reason was her husband’s betrayal. At the same time, Buzova noted that her husband was carried away by the participant of the Miss World 2014 contest, Anastasia Kostenko. The footballer later married her. Now the couple are raising two daughters.

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