Apr 1, 2021
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Victoria Bonya in a naked body was embarrassed in front of fans


41-year-old model Victoria Bonya was suspected of Photoshop for her figure.

The model tries to motivate women to work on themselves. “Today the course starts πŸ‘» So, girls, we are moving towards the goal, not jumping over a step, but meaningfully – with feeling, sensibly, with an arrangement 😍😘 Let’s be the most charming, damn attractive and beautiful! 😜 And let someone just try to doubt it πŸ‘Š “, – wrote a popular Russian woman.

Victoria Bonya in bodysuit
Victoria Bonya in bodysuit

She received many positive reviews, but attentive users noticed that the model increased the buttocks and reduced the size of the legs.

After such a photo, I would have gone through the course myself ”,β€œ There is too much Photoshop ”,β€œ Vika, well, it’s true, not children, they bulged out the ass too much, and reduced the left leg ”,β€œ Confusion, I see – they made the ass bigger ”,β€œ Beautiful girl, but too perfect. This does not happen “,” Booty under the Photoshop filter!“- commented subscribers with humor.

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