Sep 4, 2022
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Victoria Bonya hinted at problems in the life of Olga Buzova

Victoria Bonya and Olga Buzova are not close friends, but periodically communicate “for life”. The ex-participant of Dom-2 has repeatedly said that she admires the success of her friend and considers her talented. At least Olya knows how to earn money. At the same time, Vika is worried about Buzova’s personal life, or rather, for her absence, but “the clock is ticking”.

Recently, the artist has begun to constantly show her half-naked ass on the network, and this, according to Boni, is a bad sign, indicating that this very “ass” is happening in Olga’s life.

Victoria Bonya hinted at problems in the life of Olga Buzova

“We text sometimes. Olga is well done! But now she seems to be going through a difficult period in her life. I look, she has gone nudity in her tape. Usually women post a lot of candid photos when something not very pleasant happens, ”the blogger argues.

Victoria believes that her friend needs changes in her personal life, she must “reboot” and realize herself as a woman. Find a husband, have at least one child.

“Every person needs to experience transformation. Take at least the example of MakSim. This is a singer who was loved and loved by all of Russia, her songs are really chic, Marina is very talented. I remember the period when MakSim’s hits were played literally everywhere. But at some point, her popularity faded, then the star started a family, children, there was a transformation into something else. The artist may become less in demand by the audience, this is normal. I had the same. I was in the top until I left this country. But I made a conscious choice, I wanted a family and children. There was no fear that I would be forgotten. If he was, I would convince my ex-husband to give birth to a child in Russia, ”said Bonya.

But for the time being, Olga has a tight time with suitors, and by luring men with vulgarity, she only aggravates the situation, scaring away adequate options.

Victoria Bonya hinted at problems in the life of Olga Buzova

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