May 27, 2022
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Victoria Bonya found a new job


Leading Victoria Bonya took on a scandalous project.

The first season of the show “Evil Tongues” has already been filmed.

I myself have long been a victim of various gossip, says Bonya. – Very often I want to be able to dispel such fables. I am sure that the project will gain popularity, and we will help famous people get rid of unnecessary rumors“.

The presenters are ready to doubt any publication about the stars, and the guests share their secrets and reveal intrigues. For refusal to answer honestly, a task from the presenters will follow, which must be completed. The guests of the first issues were Mitya Fomin and Dana Borisova.

Victoria Bonya - photo from the archive -
Victoria Bonya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Mariam Khalilova, director, producer and author of the idea of ​​the show, is sure:There is no smoke without fire in the yellow press. Now the first season is completely ready, I really hope you all watch it, we will all see the numbers and start filming the second season. It will be attended by world stars and the most interesting representatives of Russian show business. I look forward to Nikolai Baskov. I believe in his humor and self-irony“.

The show itself is impromptu: the whole team could say and do whatever they want,” says Natalia Krasnova, host of the show. – “I tried to squeeze all the juice out of the guests and hosts. The team turned out to be friendly, despite the fact that at first we all almost fought. But then everything was fine, Victoria Bonya even gave my mom lipstick”, – says another leader of the project Andrey Borisov.

The project will be released on the national video hosting every week.

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