Apr 19, 2021
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Victoria Bonya commented on Borodina’s disagreement to conduct, along with her, “Dom-2”

Ex-participant of the TV show “Dom-2” and model Victoria Bonya commented on Ksenia Borodina’s unwillingness to lead the project together with her.

Victoria Bonya commented on Borodina's disagreement to conduct, along with her,

Shortly before the return of the show on the air, there was a tremendous change in the composition of the presenters – Olga Buzova left him, who remembered this program as a participant 16 years ago. Vlad Kadoni, singer Olga Orlova and Ksenia Borodina will continue to host the show, which will be aired on the Yu TV channel from April 19.

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After Olga left, the project management was eager to invite Victoria Bonya to the role of the newly minted presenter. However, Borodina was not hungry to work with her. Such a reaction from Xenia did not surprise Victoria.

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Bonya said that she assumed that Xenia would be against it, because she is one of those people who cannot rejoice for others. Bonya does not understand when she stopped liking Borodina.

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