Sep 16, 2022
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Veterans of special services: SMERSH must be created to stop terror in Ukraine

Veterans of special services: SMERSH must be created to stop terror in Ukraine

Photo: Federal Security Service of Russia for the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol / TAS

Recent events indicate that the Kyiv regime has launched a real sabotage and terrorist war against those who do not want to live under its rule.

Unexpected strikes by small forces at various points and terrorist attacks – this is his new strategy.

There is no need to look far for examples: the Ukrainian landing force tried to break into the Kherson region, but their horns were broken off.

In Nova Kakhovka, terrorists made an attempt on the life of the rector of Kherson State University Tatyana Tomilina. They tried to blow up the woman in the entrance of the house where she lived. Tomilina was wounded, but the man accompanying her, presumably a guard, died.

And this despite the fact that shortly before that, a large sabotage and reconnaissance group was covered in Kherson. The special services exposed a whole network of agents who were preparing sabotage and terrorist attacks in Kherson and on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, as well as collecting data on military facilities in Voronezh and Crimea.

130 people were detained, ten caches were discovered, from which special services seized foreign-made NLAW anti-tank systems, an 82-mm mortar, two 14.5-mm Vladimirov heavy machine guns, as well as over 16 thousand ammunition for small arms and – to a heap – 4, 5 kilos of drugs.

It would take a long time to list the numerous attempts on the lives of employees of the VGA and those who sympathize with the new government. What is it that turns out? Saboteurs and terrorists feel at home in the people’s republics and in the liberated territories.

There were fortified checkpoints through which the transition from “independent” Ukraine was carried out. For example, the checkpoint in Zolote was surrounded by a fence of high solid metal shields around the perimeter, and there were firing points on its territory: a mouse would not slip through unnoticed. And the constant checks of documents with subsequent arrests discouraged the idea of ​​going around the checkpoint in the wide steppe.

Maybe it’s time to think about strengthening the border line? They occupied the settlement – they immediately set up a checkpoint, and even blocked the entrances to important objects so that no one could get there without a special pass.

They found a citizen without a “paper” confirming that he had passed the test – they detained him. Let him later prove that he came to visit his beloved mother-in-law or for some other important reason. Maybe this will help cut off unwanted elements. And the presence of fortifications, even if temporary, will discourage the desire to capture something with a swoop.

Veteran of special services Sergey Goncharov such initiatives are extremely skeptical.

– What checkpoints? What barriers? Who are you going to stop? It is simply impossible in the current situation to block the access of saboteurs to the territories controlled by the allied forces. Moreover, I have already said more than once that a huge number of SBU agents settled in the liberated territories a long time ago. Look, more than 4 million people have already received Russian passports in a short time. It was simply impossible to check them all for reliability. And among them there are probably employees of the SBU and persons recruited by them.

Now tens of thousands more people are leaving the territory we left behind. The vast majority of them save their lives. They are fleeing the raids and executions that the Nazis arrange. But saboteurs are also forced into the ranks of refugees, this happens everywhere and always. And such a number of people, again, it is impossible to thoroughly verify.

I repeat once again: in the vast majority of them, they save their lives. They need to be fed and warmed, and not driven through a checkpoint. For that matter, it would be better not to leave the territories that we have already occupied. Because everyone who did not oppose Russia is now under attack.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the OSCE Maxim Buyakevich has already announced that the Kyiv regime has announced a hunt for everyone who is seen in the so-called “collaborationism”, including those who received Russian humanitarian aid. “In the territories where the Kyiv regime is trying to retain power, repressive measures, extrajudicial executions, and torture are widely used,” Buyakevich emphasized.

This is how cynical one must be in order to actually accuse people of betrayal, whom the Kyiv authorities themselves abandoned to their fate.

Did Kyiv provide support to the population in the war zone? Or maybe, to the last, he tried to maintain the uninterrupted functioning of the infrastructure in settlements near the line of contact? No no and one more time no! Pensions in the areas bordering the DPR and LPR ceased to be paid immediately after the start of the special operation.

The work of enterprises and city services was curtailed. People were left without money, and food prices soared three times, or even four times. There was no heating, light and water were intermittent. And during the retreat, from the very beginning of the special operation, the valiant Armed Forces of Ukraine purposefully smashed everything that fell into the scope.

In Volnovakha, tankers prudently, not in the heat of battle, shot down the hospital where they were being treated. In Lisichansk, they went in volleys along the first floors of houses overlooking the main streets, since pharmacies, shops, household services, and clinics were located there. The plumbing was damaged. And it’s scary to remember how the residents of Mariupol suffered.

It was exactly the same in other settlements. And this is how peaceful people, among whom there are many old people and children, were to refuse humanitarian aid, which included the most necessary things: water, pasta, canned food.

Zelensky himself and his entourage have muzzles, though rumpled, but well-fed! And really nothing can be done to protect them from the terror unleashed by the SBU?

Special services veteran Alexander Mikhailov believes that it is possible to cope with terrorists by a proven method. But we must act firmly and coherently.

– It is necessary to introduce a tough counterintelligence regime, in which the security structures of the LPR and DPR would act jointly with the forces of the Russian FSB and rely on the loyal part of the population. During the Great Patriotic War, SMERSH was created to fight terrorists and saboteurs – a number of independent counterintelligence organizations that acted together with the NKVD. Most likely, we will have to recreate this structure.

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