Aug 29, 2021
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“Vests” enter the election campaign

“Vests” enter the election campaign

The French “yellow vests” have nominated their candidate for the presidency of France, who will have to defeat Macron next year.

This is Fabril Grimal, the leading organizer of the vest movement. He believes that his participation in the elections will give a revolutionary character to French politics and put the interests of ordinary citizens at its center.

In an interview with the British Express, Grimal said that he would become the only civilian candidate, unlike other professional politicians who live off this activity. Grimal is proud to say that he represents the “yellow vests” and will fight in the elections without a political party behind him. Instead, in France, in almost every village, associations of citizens are formed who are ready to support Fabril. However, he will still have to fight for his registration, for this he will need to obtain 500 signatures of deputies of different levels.

It is planned that on his side all the heterogeneous civil movements of the country and small parties, which have no chance of achieving success in French politics, but they can help collect the necessary signatures, will act on his side.

Grimal could be supported by five small parties in favor of France’s exit from the EU, and the leader of the “yellow vests” himself is in favor of this, promising to free France from the Belgian dictatorship and remove the fetters from the French economy.

“Only by leaving the EU will Paris be able to regain its sovereignty in international politics to achieve a balance of power and harmony among nations,” says Grimal.

Citizens’ committees are rapidly being created in the country in support of him, the French province goes over to the side of Grimal. This raises serious concerns among the ruling circles, which for the first time will face a non-systemic popular politician who claims that citizens will be able to put forward their initiative for a referendum, collecting a million votes in support of it.


The yellow vest movement is a spontaneous protest movement in France that emerged in late 2018. The movement is so named because of the reflective yellow vests of the protesters in order to identify those belonging to the protests.

Initially, the rallies were triggered by Macron’s intention to raise the tax on carbon fuels, mainly diesel. Members’ demands then expanded to a wide range of other social and economic demands. The movement quickly became widespread and spread throughout the country.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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