Feb 16, 2021
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Very personal primacy. How accessible are sports activities to residents of Moscow?

Recruitment in progress

The famous Center for Sports and Education “Sambo-70”, whose students participate in competitions at the world level, is now conducting an additional recruitment for budget places in sports groups. Children will be able to start training in the near future, without waiting for the start of the school year. “We invite you to groups in sambo, judo, kyokushinkai, dance sports, gymnastics (girls), rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic rock and roll, wrestling (Greco-Roman wrestling), kickboxing, taekwondo, cross-country skiing, track and field athletics and orienteering (department “Sevastopolsky”), – says Renat Laishev, General Director of the Sambo-70 Sports and Education Center of Moskomsport

Admission is preceded by testing: trainers look at the child’s physical, psychological and motor skills. Parents should provide that they will bring their children to the school, within the walls of which they prepare candidates for various Russian national teams, and the workload will be serious. Details about the additional set are on the Sambo-70.rf website.

In “Sambo-70” there are three dozen kinds of sports. A photo: press service “Sambo-70”

Three-time world sambo champion, European champion, six-time champion of Russia Nikita Kletskov I entered here many years ago, being a seventh grader: “My brother and I studied in a club not far from home, but then we decided to go to Sambo-70 and went every day from the Moscow region. We went to trainings, participated in competitions, but they also finished school without Cs. ” Now Nikita teaches at his own sports club.

Show in 60 seconds

In the districts of Moscow, physical education and sports centers are working with residents. The correspondent of “AiF” visited the North-Eastern District, where he was convinced that the choice of sports clubs here is quite diverse – both for adults and children. In the sports complex “Lianozovo” everyone is offered volleyball, table tennis, badminton, a game for accuracy called “boccia”, health-improving gymnastics, sports aerobics, tennis. In the “Polar Star” you can sign up for recreational swimming and self-defense classes for women. In “Maryina Roshcha” sections on athletic gymnastics, tennis, football, general physical training with elements of parkour and martial arts, callanetics, and break dance are open. The Yauza sports complex has a tight schedule. Football training is organized at school no. 2044, and football and floorball (hockey in the hall) – on st. Milashenkova, 12A.

At competitions, children experience not only physical but also emotional stress.  Therefore, it is important to develop the ability not to panic.
At competitions, children experience not only physical but also emotional stress. Therefore, it is important to develop the ability not to panic. A photo: press service “Sambo-70”

Residents of the Okrug also participate in the “Health with the whole family” sports contest. One of its stages called “Winter fun” has just finished, ahead – “Spring fun”, “Tourist meeting” and “Water starts”. And on a recent weekend, ski lovers from the North-East Administrative District took part in the “Ski track of Russia” in the Dolgie Prudy reserve. By the way, the Moscow stage of this mass ski race was held in the format of 11 separate ski starts in administrative districts. So the Muscovites themselves decided by voting on the site “Active Citizen”.

It is now possible to train independently in 36 metropolitan parks, where the Show in 60 Seconds project was launched on 63 sports grounds since February. On each simulator there are plates with QR codes that lead to the site with video instructions on how to conduct a workout.

Craftsmanship inspires

50 students of the Moscow State University of Technology and Management. Razumovsky, having visited the skating rink in Tagansky Park, they decided that sports should be in their lives regularly. As part of the university project “MGUTU with the Stars”, a master class was held for them by a skater Alexander Enbert – Winner of the Olympic “silver” and “bronze” World Championship, winner of the TV show “Ice Age”. “I myself started to ride in one of the parks of St. Petersburg,” he said. “I spent many hours on the ice, looking at the children who were training with the coach there and trying to repeat the elements after them.” And now the students, too, diligently repeated the “Christmas trees” and “flashlights” after the skater. And one of the visitors to the skating rink on Taganka turned to the “star” for everyday advice: I want to send my child to the figure skating section, how not to make a mistake with the choice? According to A. Enbert, it makes sense to know in advance about the education of the coach and his regalia. Plus, he should like him so that he wants to go to training. Finally, parents should completely trust the coach and give up trying to retrain in their own way.

Mass speed skating competitions “The Ice of Our Hope” are scheduled for February 27 in Moscow.

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