Oct 13, 2020
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Version: there was a war on Earth in the past using high technologies

Quite a few people could hear the theory about highly developed civilizations and about the wars that could take place. Interestingly, some sources describe weapons that are similar in many ways to modern weapons.

This and the arrows of Indra, which are associated with homing missiles, melted megaliths and the walls of ancient cities can testify to a nuclear war that took place thousands of years ago, the lightning of Zeus and the hammer of Thor could also be an incredible weapon used by alien civilizations that unleashed war among themselves on Earth and in space.

In this article, I want to disassemble an unusual hypothesis about the star war of antiquity, without pretending to be a scientific work. But there are too many different descriptions in ancient sources, some artifacts and images found that can prove incredible events that happened thousands of years ago.

Moreover, many peoples of the world have legends and myths that describe creatures who have flown in from other planets, who have given people a lot of technologies. Most of these stories were found among the Sumerians, who are known for unusual technologies and knowledge about the structure of the Universe. Where would they get such data?

But there were not only peaceful extraterrestrial civilizations that came into contact with people, but also enslavers, whose goal was to destroy our civilization. Such legends are also described in numerous legends, only these civilizations were called gods who descended from heaven. Their amazing flying machines are described, in the form of chariots of fire. And some of the images show objects in the sky that look like modern UFOs.

Descriptions of the incredible war in antiquity are found in various sources, but often they talk about the war of the gods in the sky. "Sealed with seven seals" is a book by the anthropologist Sidorov, in which he points to the facts of an ancient war using technologies, some of which are inaccessible even in the modern world. Reflow traces can be found on ancient structures, but scientists for some reason ignore these facts.

In ancient Indian epics colossal explosions are described, after which a cloud in the form of a mushroom appeared. It's like using nuclear bombs. Most modern people have an idea of ​​what happens when a nuclear bomb explodes, as well as the consequences of such an explosion. And some of the ancient remains found still emit radiation, so where would it come from on bones whose age is thousands of years?

After the great war, star people again went to heaven. Only a few of them remained in their scorched and destroyed homeland. The Evenks who came to the northern taiga thousands of years later named their descendants the "Endri" people. As I later understood, the Evenk "endri" means "the people of the great Indra".

Naturally, official scientists and historians do not want to take into account the many facts about the ancient war using high technologies, because if this is confirmed, then our entire history will have to be rewritten. But there is too much evidence from different peoples that the hypothesis of a star war in the past is not an ordinary hypothesis, but our history.

We are just beginning to piece together our true history. Some scientists cannot explain the presence of craters on the planet, natural nuclear reactors that may actually be man-made, as well as climate change and maps of the planet in the past. So maybe the Atlanteans, asuras, the children of the gods and the gods themselves are not mythical characters, but intelligent beings from other planets, to whom we owe our development?

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