Sep 3, 2021
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VERELQ: Armenia finds itself in the epicenter of the struggle for communications

Control over Syunik is needed by the United States to put pressure on Iran

Currently, there is a global struggle for roads and communications, in the epicenter of which Armenia is, the expert on international security believes. Armen Manvelyan

Armenia and Azerbaijan have not yet begun to demarcate their borders; even negotiations on this topic have practically not been held. However, according to the expert, it is theoretically possible to demarcate and open the borders in the region only using the maps of the 1980s of the Soviet Union.

“This means that the roads leading to Georgia and the south of Armenia will be under the control of Azerbaijan, which will lead us not to unblock communications, but to a blockade. Communication with Meghri has already been broken, since today it is problematic to go from Goris to Kapan and Meghri. The alternative road is not ready. If Tigranashen is commissioned, it will mean that the main highway leading to Vayots Dzor will come under the control of Azerbaijan. The same will happen with the road to Georgia if the so-called enclaves in the Tavush region are commissioned, ”

– quoted by the Armenian online edition VERELK presentation of the expert on the air of the TALK TIME program.

He is sure that with its petty border provocations, Azerbaijan is forcing Armenia to make concessions – recognition of borders, rejection of Artsakh and consent to the opening of the so-called Zangezur corridor through Syunik. These are the main goals of Baku, says Armen Manvelyan.

They are already talking in Baku that they are ready to transport goods from Armenia to Russia – this will be done by Azerbaijani transport companies. However, the expert warns – so far there are no economic calculations as to how profitable it will be for Yerevan. One thing is known – it would be more profitable for Armenia to open the Ijevan-Kazakh railway, but today no one remembers this.

According to Manvelyan, the whole point is that Baku needs Syunik in order to become a part of the Chinese One Belt, One Road project, which promises Azerbaijan great economic benefits. That’s just for Armenia “The benefits are doubtful, but the losses are obvious”

“It is very important for China that it can supply goods to the West, so any project put forward by the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem is beneficial to Beijing. The counterbalance to this is the Iranian-Indian agenda. Armenia was in the center of the struggle between the parties. The USA benefits from this struggle, as a result of which Moscow’s influence in the region is weakening. In addition, Washington (through Turkey) establishes control over Syunik as a means of putting pressure on Iran, “

– the expert explains.

As for Armenia, the Iranian-Indian agenda is more profitable for it and there were even attempts to start negotiations with the Iranian delegation that visited Armenia, but so far these negotiations have not led to anything, Armen Manvelyan stated.

Meanwhile, the State Agency for Highways of Azerbaijan has published a map of highways that are currently being built by Baku in Karabakh and East Zangezur – only ten highways with a total length of 665.4 km. In addition, the map shows ten more roads that are planned to be built in the near future, with a length of more than 700 km.

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