Mar 22, 2021
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Vera Sotnikova told how she once experienced the harassment of a famous actress

11:01, 22.03.2021

The TV presenter and actress noted that the star wanted to ask her out on a date.

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The actress and presenter of the “Battle of Psychics” Vera Sotnikova admitted to Lera Kudryavtseva in the program “Stars came together” on the NTV channel that she was once molested by a famous actress. However, the artist did not mention her name. Sotnikova only noted that the actress was very beautiful.

“Now I’ll tell you a little story when a girl started to stick to me. She invited me on a date, ”the TV presenter admitted. “I asked her a question:“ Is this a quirk, or what? ”To this, the actress answered with a question:“ Have you ever had such a thing that you fall in love with a man, suit a man and feel feelings? ”I told her. that I had, of course. And she says: ‘And I have this to women,’ ”- said Sotnikova, noting that such a thing cannot be specially imagined.

Vera Sotnikova with her son

It is worth noting that Sotnikova was officially married only once. Earlier on the air of the program “The fate of man“The actress spoke frankly about life with her ex-husband Yuri Nikolsky… The man worked as a restorer at a museum. However, there were times when he had to agree to work as a janitor.

For Sotnikova, this union was unsuccessful. After her divorce from Nikolsky, she never married again. According to Sotnikova, after the breakup, she met with Yuri only on the anniversary of their son Shewhen he was 20 years old. The artist added that the young man was happy to see his father. By the way, due to the fact that Vera gave birth to a son when she was 19 years old, he spent his entire childhood with his grandmother in Volgograd, while his mother worked in Moscow and went on tour. Sotnikova has repeatedly noted that she regrets it.

Archival photograph of Vera Sotnikova with her son

We add that Sotnikova was 24 when she met a German businessman in the restaurant of the House of Cinema Ernest Pinduro… The actress was 16 years younger than him, which did not prevent a dizzying romance that stretched out for many years. Ernest rented an apartment in Moscow, helped Vera’s family. After several years of lack of money, the actress felt like a queen. However, while Ernest was waiting for her in Germany, she fell in love with the actor’s stage partner. Vlada Vetrova

In 1993, Vera met Vladimir Kuzmin… She was 33 years old, he was 38. For two they had six children: one child for Sotnikova, and five for Kuzmin. However, after seven years of relationship, Sotnikov and Kuzmin broke up. By the way, Vera and Vladimir began to show mutual sympathy for each other when he was still in a relationship with Alla Pugacheva. Sotnikova admitted that she did not know about Kuzmin’s relationship with the Prima Donna. According to Vera, if this truth had been revealed initially, she would not have met with Vladimir.

Vera Sotnikova and Vladimir Kuzmin

Soon, another man appeared in the artist’s life – the general director of the Moscow International Film Festival Renat Davletyarov… Sotnikova got what she wanted – a whirlpool of passions, but after numerous conflicts Vera was still tired and left. According to Sotnikova, at one time a certain foreign billionaire courted her, but she rejected the marriage proposal. Sotnikova notes that she is a very amorous person, for which she is very grateful to fate.

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