May 30, 2022
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Vera Sotnikova is shocked by what foreigners are doing with her apartment


Actress Vera Sotnikova said that the locks were changed in her apartment.

The artist on the air of the program “The Stars Came Together” on the NTV channel told what foreigners are doing with her apartment in Cannes while she is in Russia.

They went so far as to close the account first. Said, “You didn’t come to rendezvous a few times.” I say: “I live in Russia. Another two years of pandemic. It was impossible to come”, said Vera Sotnikova.

Vera Sotnikova - photo from the archive -
Vera Sotnikova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Remembered Vera Sotnikova and another incident with her housing. “I come with a whole car of products. I go out to my platform. I insert the key and bang! I can’t understand, I actually got to my site. Is this my apartment or not. Guys, they turn out to have the right to change the lock just like that. Because I had some debt there. I freaked out. And in order to go later to change the lock, it was necessary to go to pay for the apartment, the fine, the bailiffs, the lock“, – said the actress.

Earlier, Vera Sotnikova announced that she was going to sell her apartment in Cannes. True, while she does not really understand how she will be able to do this. Entry to many European countries is closed for Russians.

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