May 30, 2022
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Vera Sotnikova is ready to kill her neighbor


Actress Vera Sotnikova complained about her boor neighbor.

The artist enjoyed life in a spacious country house. However, recently the actress’s idyll was destroyed due to a showdown with a new neighbor. The man acquired the site where the entire communication of the star is located.

Vera Sotnikova came down with coronavirus last year. The actress had a hard time recovering from her illness and was furious when she learned that a neighbor took advantage of her absence.

It turns out that he bought the land that is adjacent to my site, right under the fence where my infrastructure is located: a septic tank and a pole on which my meter is. It’s all bought out. Now neither I can go there, nor even the electrical engineers”, – she is indignant on the air of the show “The Stars Came Together” on the NTV channel.

Vera Sotnikova - photo from the archive -
Vera Sotnikova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

61-year-old Sotnikova admits: the man had the right to purchase the nearest plot, but is upset that this was done behind her back. In addition, the neighbor began to behave very boorishly.

When I went out and asked what was happening here, they answered me: “So, take this septic tank behind the fence, otherwise we will fill it up.” The next program will be called “Vera Sotnikova killed her neighbor”! Sorry, I was tolerant, fair, kind. I said: “From now on, the intelligent Sotnikova ends.” I enter into such a struggle that it will not seem enough to them. They just don’t know who they’re dealing with!‘ the actress screamed.

Vera adds that the offender placed trash cans right next to her fence, and also managed to ruin the sewer system. Now, not the most pleasant smells hover around the artist’s house.

He built the road in such a way that he deformed my septic tank. Even after covid, I could not communicate. I know it’s wrong! He has a column with a counter. I go, guys, to another entrance, open the door, and there is a wall of bricks“, – said the star on the NTV channel.

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