Sep 12, 2020
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Vera Panfilova confirmed parting with Ivan Yankovsky

14:18, 09/12/2020

The actors met for seven years.

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Last Friday, a number of media outlets disseminated information about the separation of Ivan Yankovsky and Vera Panfilova. As you know, the actors have been together for about 10 years. The couple met while studying at GITIS, where they studied at the directing department. In 2016, Ivan and Vera parted ways, but a year later a romance broke out between them.

It seemed that everything was fine in the couple's relationship. In the spring of this year, Yankovsky's mother Oksana Fandera provoked rumors about the imminent wedding of the actors. True, Ivan and Vera never commented on this information. And in the middle of summer, Panfilova completely stopped sharing photos with her lover in her microblog on Instagram. As sources reported yesterday, Yankovsky broke up with the actress back in July.

Ivan Yankovsky and Vera Panfilova broke up after seven years of relationship

It is noteworthy that almost immediately there was information that the actor left his beloved after seven years of relationship for the sake of the star of the projects "Hotel Eleon" and "Hotel Belgrade" 28-year-old Diana Pozharskaya. As you know, the actress was previously suspected of having affairs with her colleagues in the workshop, including Milos Bikovich and Alexander Kuznetsov. Recently, Yankovsky began to actively show signs of attention to the star. In her microblog on Instagram, Ivan sent emoticons in the form of hearts and left touching comments.

However, Diana herself decided to immediately clarify the situation and commented on the rumors about her alleged romance with Ivan Yankovsky. In an interview with reporters, Pozharskaya stressed that she is happily married to her husband Artem Aksenenko, with whom they got married in 2016. Meanwhile, Vera Panfilova has already managed to get in touch with the press. The daughter of the popular rock musician Konstantin Kinchev decided to immediately stop all idle gossip and stressed that she and Ivan made the decision to part ways together. “If I’m happy without, then why should I be with… This is a mutual decision, and thank God for everything,” “StarHit” quotes Panfilov. I must say that, unlike now his ex-lover, Ivan did not give interviews to journalists. Also, the actor has not yet commented on the breakup with Panfilova in his microblog on Instagram. As you know, Yankovsky tries not to dwell on his personal life and carefully protects it from close public attention.

Ivan Yankovsky and Christina Asmus in the film "Text"

Recall that by the age of 29, Ivan Yankovsky can already boast of significant success. The actor's film debut took place when he was only ten years old, when he, together with his famous grandfather Oleg Yankovsky, starred in the film "Come to see me." In 2016, Yankovsky received his first Golden Eagle, playing in Pavel Lungin's thriller Queen of Spades. And in 2017, the actor made his debut on the stage of the Yermovolova Theater.

Last year the film "Text" by Klim Shipenko was released on wide screens, in which Kristina Asmus became Yankovsky's partner. As you know, according to the plot of the tape, the actors had to shoot in a frank scene, because of which Christina was eventually persecuted. It is noteworthy that Ivan at the same time managed to avoid criticism from the public.

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