Sep 14, 2022
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Vera Brezhneva, who emigrated to Italy, continues to sell cosmetics in Russia


Singer Vera Brezhneva not only performed at concerts in Russia, but also had her own business.

Vera Brezhneva, having flown away with her husband Konstantin Meladze to Italy, seems to have finally cut off her roots with Russia. But no, money from the inhabitants of the Russian Federation continues to drip into the pocket of the artist.

On the popular Russian marketplace Ozon, you can still order products from her personal brand, which produces cosmetics, phone stands and music CDs. Prices are very average – for example, a universal palette will cost 3,500 rubles, and a lip pencil – almost 700.

The situation is similar in the popular Golden Apple chain store, but the prices there are slightly higher: you can buy lip gloss for 1,800 rubles. Brezhnev’s cosmetics can be bought freely in Russia

Vera Brezhneva
Vera Brezhneva

Judging by open data from the register of small and medium-sized businesses, the 40-year-old Brezhneva did not go out of business. All statuses appear as “active”, she has received all permissions. In addition, Vera Kiperman is the owner of several trademarks.

The singer rarely gets in touch, and if she publishes some content, then most often it is depressive. Everything shows that Brezhneva is having a hard time these months away from her native country – although haters often reproach her for pretense.

Note that Vera has been actively performing in Russia for many years and was one of the most expensive celebrities here. The fee for the corporate performance of the artist exceeded 200 thousand dollars (about 6 million rubles) for 40 minutes. In addition, she actively participated in various talk shows and media projects.

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