Jan 30, 2021
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Vera Brezhneva shared a photo from a romantic morning walk with Konstantin Meladze

12:06, 30.01.2021

The singer and composer practice Finnish walking together.

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38-year-old Vera Brezhneva has been happily married to 57-year-old Konstantin Meladze for almost six years. The romance of the singer and then still married producer became known in 2014, although rumors about their relationship circulated long before that. The lovers played a secret wedding in October 2015 in Italy, inviting the closest people to the celebration.

Brezhnev and Meladze try not to advertise their personal lives. Vera and Konstantin only occasionally publish romantic pictures in their microblogs on Instagram. However, today Brezhnev made an exception and published a photo with her husband. It turned out that the couple is doing Finnish walking together. “He who walks in the morning amicably acts wisely,” Vera signed the photo (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are unchanged. Prim. line.).

Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze are doing Finnish walking together

Recall that Vera Brezhneva was repeatedly credited with pregnancy, but the singer and her husband still have no joint children. At the New Wave festival, Brezhnev admitted that she and her husband dream of a common child. It should be noted that Vera is the mother of two daughters. The eldest, Sophia, the singer gave birth on March 30, 2001 from a Ukrainian businessman Vitalia Voichenko, to whom she was not officially married. Soon after the birth of the girl, the parents separated. Sonya bears the surname of Vera Brezhneva’s second husband, the famous Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman. From him Vera Brezhneva gave birth to the youngest girl in 2009 Sarah… Konstantin Meladze from his first marriage with Yanoy Summ three children: daughters Alice and Leahand also son Valery

Vera Brezhneva with her daughter Sonya

We add that the rather secretive lifestyle of Vera and Konstantin gives rise to a lot of speculation around their relationship. So, earlier, Ksenia Sobchak said that Brezhnev and Meladze had secretly met for ten years. And in 2019, the singer deleted all the photos with her husband in her microblog on Instagram, which provoked a wave of rumors about a crisis in their relationship – there were reports in the media that Meladze was allegedly cheating on his wife with the lead singer of the VIA Gra group Erica Herceg. However, Brezhneva only laughed when she was asked to comment on the discord in the family. According to Vera, her husband has too much work to cheat on her.

Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze

It is worth noting that during the self-isolation regime last year, Brezhneva was at home with her husband and youngest daughter Sarah. In quarantine, the family escaped boredom in a variety of ways, including filming music videos. So, in his microblog on Instagram, the star published a funny video. In it Vera, Konstantin and Sarah sang a song together Artur Sargsyan “Coronavirus, go away.” The singer passed the video through a filter that stretches the faces into a wide smile. Also, during the quarantine, the singer decided to start developing her second microblog on Instagram, in which she still shares beauty secrets, various sports exercises, shows cosmetics from a cosmetic bag and much more.

Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze with family

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