May 28, 2022
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Vera Brezhneva put herself in order so that after 3 months of work in a warehouse, she could go out


Singer Vera Brezhneva has been volunteering in Poland in recent months. The actress said that she had to put herself in order to appear in public again.

The singer left the villa in Italy and flew to Poland, where she is actively involved in charity work. And yesterday, Vera Brezhneva attended a social event for the first time in several months, which she told subscribers about.

Due to recent circumstances, Vera had to change her lifestyle – from a glamorous artist, she turned into a laborer. Brezhneva works in a refugee center, packing and sending humanitarian aid parcels. True, sometimes a star has a reason to remember a past life.

Today I had a different kind of work – more familiar, but just as productive. I attended the first event in three months. It was very exciting“, – said the 40-year-old performer, who was also glad that there was a reason to put herself in order.

Vera Brezhneva
Vera Brezhneva

Vera put her musical career on pause. She, as actively opposing the special operation, can no longer get into Russia. Although earlier there were rumors that the singer would allegedly perform for our public for several million rubles, the star hastened to refute the speculation.

Dear my subscribers! Fake information about me appears on the web. You are thoughtful and reasonable. Please filter what you read and see. Don’t fall for it!“- Brezhnev was indignant.

Recall that the artist spends most of her time in Italy. Together with her husband Konstantin Meladze, as well as the youngest daughter Sarah. It was in this sunny country that Vera and Konstantin Shotaevich got married after several years of a secret romance.

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