Sep 17, 2022
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Vera Brezhneva is going to become a citizen of Italy


Singer Vera Brezhneva was registered in Russia for twenty years.

Previously, the singer tried to obtain Russian citizenship. Back in the noughties, she registered with the ex-wife of a relative in Nekrasovsky. And in the light of recent events, she wrote a refusal to register with the FMS.

For several months now, Vera Brezhneva has been living in Italy with her husband Konstantin Meladze. A couple in Europe have their own cottage. Now the disgraced artist plans to obtain Italian citizenship. To do this, she collects the necessary documents. But first, Brezhneva sent a written refusal to register in the apartment of a relative, where she was registered back in the 2000s.

    Vera Brezhneva - photo from the archive -
Vera Brezhneva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The singer submitted a notification of her decision to the territorial body of the federal executive body in the field of internal affairs. It should be noted that almost 20 years ago, a native of Ukraine registered with relatives in a two-room apartment located in the village of Nekrasovsky near Moscow, according to the Mash Telegram channel.

This was at the beginning of Brezhnev’s career. As a representative of another state, she could not stay in the Russian Federation without registration. By the way, then the singer got two luxury apartments in Moscow. Despite this, she continued to use a residence permit near Moscow. The ex-soloist of the Via Gra group was going to become a citizen of Russia. Now the plans of the 40-year-old performer of the hit “Love will save the world” have changed dramatically.

More recently, the blonde was actively involved in volunteering, and now she is arranging life abroad. By the way, Yana Summ, Meladze’s ex-wife, now lives in Italy. Konstantin and Yana have three children. She gave birth to Brezhnev’s eldest daughter at the age of 18 from Vitaly Voichenko. She lived with him in a civil marriage. The couple never registered a relationship. From her marriage to businessman Mikhail Kiperman, the singer is raising 12-year-old Sarah.

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