Jun 10, 2022
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Vera Brezhneva gathered sisters in Italy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of her mother


Singer Vera Brezhneva has been living in her villa near Lake Garda since March, periodically visiting Poland, where she works as a volunteer in a warehouse.

The star spends most of his time with his youngest daughter, Sarah. Her husband Konstantin Meladze often has to return to Russia on work matters. And Brezhneva’s eldest daughter, Sonya, has long been living in the United States.

Vera Brezhneva not only invited her mother to Italy, but also invited three sisters there – Victoria, Anastasia and Galina. As the singer herself admitted, this meeting was a real event for the family: after all, it is not easy to bring together people who live in different points of the earth step.

Vera Brezhneva with her sisters
Vera Brezhneva with her sisters

Together again. The last time we met in this composition was exactly five years ago. For the same reason. Our mom’s birthday. The main value was, is and will be our family. And the best gift for a mother, especially now, is to see her four daughters, even if only for a day. Mother. Galya. Faith. Vika. Nastya. 70”, – wrote Vera Brezhneva on social networks and shared new photos with fans.

Tamara Galushko
Tamara Galushko

The Galushka family spent the holiday as intensely as possible: car trips to loud music, excursions and dinner at a restaurant. Already in the evening, Brezhneva admitted: due to an overabundance of emotions, she was covered with a slight sadness. The reason for everything is the imminent separation from loved ones.

Vera’s fans also congratulated Tamara Galushka with might and main. “Today I received so many congratulations, as if it were my birthday. But I do have a holiday. I celebrate mommy, who is alive, healthy, with us. And it’s priceless. Thank you all very much for the kind words and warm wishes, I convey everything“, – Brezhnev thanked the subscribers.

Now the star is planning to explore another “market”, but so far she has not been very successful in this either. Already in June, Brezhnev was going to speak at one of the most popular hotels in Turkey and even appeared on posters, but then disappeared just as quickly from them.

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