Sep 17, 2022
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Vera Brezhneva decided to renounce Ukrainian citizenship

After Crimea returned to Russia in 2014, and some Ukrainian citizens began to look askance at Vera Brezhneva, she said that, in fact, she had never been a Ukrainian singer.

Then Vera said that she did not take part in the Ukrainian “Song of the Year”, and she never sang in Ukrainian. And although she and Konstantin Meladze had housing in Kyiv, she spent most of her time in Moscow.

Back in the days when she was just building her career, she planned to obtain Russian citizenship and for this purpose registered with her distant relatives in the Moscow region.

Then Vera began to earn good money and already bought herself a couple of apartments in Moscow. One of 70 square meters in Fili, and the second of 100 square meters in Presnya.

All this time, Brezhnev was on the lists of the FMS for obtaining Russian citizenship, but the events of February 2022 confused all these plans.

Vera Brezhneva decided to renounce Ukrainian citizenship

Now Vera has decided to take a different path and, having withdrawn her application from the Federal Tax Service, applied for an Italian passport, where she also has real estate.

Well, given that, according to the laws of Ukraine, it is forbidden to have dual citizenship, the passport of Nezalezhnaya Vera Galushka will have to be abandoned.

And, by the way, according to rumors, she successfully divorced Konstantin Meladze.

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