May 29, 2022
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Vera Brezhneva completed volunteer work at a warehouse in Poland


The ex-soloist of the VIAgra group, singer Vera Brezhneva, said that she had left the humanitarian cargo warehouse in Lublin, where she worked as a loader for free.

The former soloist of the VIAGRA group, Vera Brezhneva, announced on social networks that she had interrupted her work in Poland. The singer no longer works at the humanitarian cargo warehouse. Vera Brezhneva spent only a few days in Lublin.

The artist helped unload trucks and complete humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Here she volunteered, that is, she worked for free.

Vera Brezhneva with volunteers in Poland
Vera Brezhneva with volunteers in Poland

Left Poland. Now I miss my co-workers. Volunteering is very close. Doing one common thing with great meaning, having common goals and values ​​- unity is inevitable. Especially when girls like that are around.”, – Vera Brezhneva wrote in the microblog.

Vera Brezhneva did not say the reasons why she finished volunteering so quickly. It is possible that the star was tired, because there were no men in the warehouse, all the hard work fell on the women’s shoulders. And besides, I had to work without days off. Vera Brezhnev even lost her star gloss and glamour.

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