Jan 7, 2022
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Vera Brezhnev abstains for nine years


39-year-old singer Vera Brezhneva admitted that she refused.

The performer of the hit “Love will save the world” took part in the filming of the music show.

The wife of producer Konstantin Meladze admitted that she does not like it when musicians use swear words in songs. Brezhnev also criticized her colleagues who release tracks without a semantic load. The former soloist of the group “VIA Gra” expressed her respect to all public people who try not to scold during performances and interviews.

Maxim Galkin asked the pop star how long her abstinence from obscene words lasted. “I haven’t been swearing for nine years. I just made such a decision for myself. I don’t like to say these words, I don’t like how I feel in these moments. I looked at myself from the side, in general. There was a period when it was necessary to find a replacement for obscene words. When I hit my little finger, I shout:Yoshkin cat!“” – explained with a smile Brezhnev.

The artist loves Italy very much. Her wedding to the composer was in this country in 2015. Vera assured that she knows a few swear words in Italian. But she didn’t say them.

Vera Brezhneva
Vera Brezhneva

On the set of the YouTube show “Musicality” Brezhnev met Yulia Gavrilina. The singer admitted that she, like the finalist of the “Stars in Africa” ​​show, used to have a nickname. “What was called me in childhood, you cannot speak in this program. The nickname was invented at school, there was a word with the letter “x” “, – the native of Dneprodzerzhinsk laughed.

The performer of the track “Zhu Zhu” noted that a friend called her Yulka-Shpulka. Everyone liked the nickname so much that over time it became one of Gavrilina’s nicknames.

Vera was surprised to learn about Julia’s large income. The Yolki movie star did not expect the young girl to drive a Rolls Royce. The singer stated that she could not afford such a car. “I went on to work, to earn money for a car. I feel redundant on this celebration of life“- complained Brezhnev.

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