Aug 26, 2022
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Vendors Found Not All Fruits Are Vegan

fruits are not veganIt would seem that any vegan, having come to the store, can pick up more fruits on the shelves and not think about eating the “wrong” food.

fruits are not vegan

However, employees of the Tesco supermarket chain (UK) recently found out that not all fruits are vegan, no matter how curious it may sound.

fruits are not vegan

The fact is that some fruits (for example, oranges) are covered with beeswax after being harvested from trees. Wax is technically an animal by-product and therefore not suitable for a vegan diet.

fruits are not vegan

Also on some fruits you can find a special resin produced by the females of some insects. And this means that here again we are dealing with the notorious products of animal origin.

fruits are not vegan

The heads of Tesco asked the vegans not to worry and be patient – they are working with suppliers and looking for alternatives so that henceforth the fruits on the shelves are exclusively vegan, as they should be.

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