Sep 16, 2021
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Vasily Nebenzya opposed new UN rules: Vaccination requirements violate diplomats’ rights

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya opposed the new rules for admission to the UN General Assembly hall. They contradict a previously concluded agreement between the United Nations and the United States.

Vasily Nebenzya demanded to convene an urgent meeting on the instructions received from the New York authorities. In particular, that the entrance to the General Assembly meeting room should be open only to the vaccinated. At the same time, the chairman of the GA supported this initiative. A letter to diplomats with new demands was sent out on September 14.

Nebenzya recalled that the 1947 agreement between the US and UN authorities on the headquarters and the organization’s charter do not provide for such restrictions. The Russian diplomat asked the questions: what to do to people who cannot get vaccinated for one reason or another?

Consideration should be given to the rights of people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, those who have just recovered from coronavirus and have antibodies, the rights of people who have been vaccinated with drugs not approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

– added the diplomat.

We remind you that in accordance with the introduced sanitary rules for the fight against coronavirus infection in New York, you must present a vaccinated certificate to participate in indoor events. And contrary to the agreement, the mayor’s office tried to extend this decree to the territory of the UN headquarters. By default, those who are vaccinated against COVID-19-19 drugs approved in the USA, i.e. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Earlier, the UN secretariat stated that they do not have the authority to require diplomats to supply the vaccine. But they did not mention the General Assembly Hall. The US authorities considered that, if necessary, it was possible to arrange performances in video format. Note that the letter was received on the eve of the visit of US President Joe Biden to the high-level week of the UN General Assembly, TASS reports.

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