Jan 8, 2021
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Vasily Lanovoy, 86, sick with coronavirus, is on the mend

13:13, 08.01.2021

People’s Artist of the USSR was cured of lung damage.

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On January 2, it became known that 86-year-old Vasily Lanovoy was hospitalized with coronavirus. As his wife, actress Irina Kupchenko, said, she also turned out to be infected with COVID-19, however, due to the absence of pronounced symptoms, doctors sent her home for treatment. However, the actress remained with her husband. Later it turned out that the People’s Artist of the USSR was affected by five percent of the lungs. And the day before yesterday there was information that there is no talk about an extract of the legend of Soviet cinema: he complains of weakness, he has a fever, and doctors assess his condition as moderate.

According to the director of Lanovoy Antonina Zhuravleva, over the last day, Vasily Semenovich’s condition has improved significantly and we can already talk about the imminent recovery of the “Officers” star. “Everything is fine, he is on the mend, there is no temperature, there is no defeat – he had 5%, but now it’s gone, everything is in order,” Zhuravleva told reporters.

Irina Kupchenko and Vasily Lanovoy in November 2020

According to the representative of the actor, Lanovoy already has the required amount of antibodies to coronavirus. Vasily Semenovich himself is already feeling better. “He is outraged that he is not allowed to walk on the street. She is indignant, “why can’t you walk along the corridor?” So everything is in order, we are recovering, ”Zhuravleva summed up.

Vasily Lanovoy (right) on the stage of the theater. Vakhtangov in 2008

Recall that on the last day of 2020, Vasily Lanovoy received a coronavirus test, which showed a positive result. Repeated testing also showed infection. After that, the actor was hospitalized, and already in the hospital they underwent a full examination, including computed tomography. At first, relatives thought that the actor would stay in the hospital for two or three days, but his stay there dragged on for a longer period, RBC reports.

Anastasia Vertinskaya and Vasily Lanovoy in the movie “Scarlet Sails”

Recall that 86-year-old Lanovoy has been serving at the Vakhtangov State Academic Theater for more than 63 years. However, he became loved by the audience for his numerous roles in cult Soviet films. His filmography includes over 85 films, including Scarlet Sails, War and Peace, Anna Karenina. The role of Ivan Barnabas in the legendary film “Officers” in 1971 brought him nationwide fame. In 1985 Lanovoy received the title of People’s Artist of the USSR, in 2013 – the Order of Alexander Nevsky, and in April 2019 Vladimir Putin awarded 85-year-old Vasily Lanovoy the title of Hero of Labor. In recent years, the actor continued to act in films. In 2017, the drama “Alien Grandfather” was released, where Vasily Semenovich played the main role.

Vasily Lanovoy as Anatol Kuragin in the film “War and Peace”

The coronavirus pandemic that began last year has significantly changed life around the world. Since the spring of last year, dozens of show business representatives have found themselves in hospital beds one after another due to COVID-19. The onset of 2021 still does not spare the artists. In the very first days of the new year, it became known that 80-year-old People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Korenev, known for the role of Ichthyander in the film “Amphibian Man”, died of the coronavirus in the “red zone” of the covid hospital. Three days ago, 86-year-old Oleg Basilashvili was hospitalized due to infection. By the way, Basilashvili’s colleague from the legendary “Office Romance” – Alisa Freindlich, celebrated the New Year in the hospital due to infection with a pandemic virus. According to data from relatives, Alisa Brunovna was not in intensive care, but in an ordinary ward, with a lung lesion of 36 percent. The founder of Yeralash, 71-year-old Boris Grachevsky, has been undergoing treatment for more than two weeks. Despite the artist’s optimistic mood regarding his own health, he was transferred to intensive care. As friends of Boris Yuryevich said, the examination showed that the director had a 75% lung injury.

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