Sep 12, 2020
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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from September 14 to September 20, 2020

Vasilisa Volodina's horoscope for the week from September 14 to September 20, 2020

Vasilisa Volodina is a popular astropsychologist with extensive experience. Her forecasts always hit right on target, and her advice is always full of objectivity and positive, no matter how difficult this or that week may be.

This time we will not have the most pleasant period of time, but it will be extremely important. Many of us learn something important about ourselves, about life, about the people around us. This will give food for thought, as well as a reason to think about where to move further in life, how to change it for the better. Each of the Signs has its own secrets of happiness. Now is the time to use them to start a new life.

Aries should communicate less with typical representatives of the deceitful signs of the Zodiac. Such people will be capable of meanness. They shouldn't be trusted. However, you should be careful with trusting all people in general, because this week is a time of opportunities for some and a time of challenges for others. Someone may want to take advantage of Aries' weaknesses.

People of this Sign have few weaknesses, but they do. Aries love attention and love to communicate openly. They definitely shouldn't tell anyone about their future plans and ambitions. Enemies can use this against them. Also, the stars want Aries to play the role of peacemakers, and not the main instigators of the disorder. This will increase their credibility.

Taurus this week will be very lucky in the love sphere, because the stars and planets will make them more fortunate, as well as increase their charm and charisma. It will be much easier for them to get to know each other, make a good first impression, negotiate something at work and in business, get a new job, and so on. It is important to check compatibility before starting a new relationship, so as not to break the woods.

You can't get a job or a person's love with a wave of a magic wand. You will also have to rely on your experience and common sense. It is advisable to give up shopping for now and use your energy to earn money. Money should be accumulated, not spent. The most favorable days of the week are September 18, 19. The most dangerous is the 16th.

Gemini may have to communicate a lot with people, including new ones. Learning to understand people is an extremely useful skill. Psychic advice will help you succeed in this. You need to learn how to separate friends from enemies already in the first minutes of communication, so that if something happens you do not run into problems.

In the financial and work realm, Gemini will definitely be lucky. You need to work more, mess around less, and spend as much time planning as possible. It is important to have a plan "B" in stock in case the main one fails. It is also necessary to avoid making decisions based on intuition alone. We need to weigh everything so as not to be trapped.

Cancers begin a week of joy and success in work, in business. At the same time, it is very important to show independence and self-sufficiency, to communicate less with toxic people. Conspiracies from evil people will help to avoid quarrels, negativity. With them, there will be far fewer distractions and minor but annoying problems.

Cancers will be lucky in the field of love. It is good to spend a lot of time with your family and children from September 14 to 20. Anyone who is lonely and so far only looking for a soul mate. You can plunge into romance. You can meet on social networks. It will be even better this way, because nothing will distract Cancers from work. Overall, the week will be dynamic and enjoyable.

The stars are now out of sorts, especially in the period from September 15 to 17. It's important to remember why adversity is attracted and how you can avoid it. Despite the fact that the stars will be in dissonance with the planets, they themselves will be the main enemy for Leo. These people should be easier to relate to everything that happens around. You need to be patient in difficult times.

Towards the end of the week, Lviv is expecting a splash of luck. This means that on the weekend you will need to change the environment. You can go on a trip, play sports, change your style, update your wardrobe. Don't sit around this weekend. It is necessary to be active and not get depressed, not to think about the past.

Virgos this week will have no barriers to moving forward except internal ones. Name them negative programs. Virgos should find peace and tranquility. Life is not always home-work-home. This is entertainment, spiritual quest. It will be a great time for meditation, for communication with old acquaintances, distant relatives, friends.

There will be no bad or good days. Everything is in the hands of these people. They can decide their own destiny - without the intervention of the stars. Nevertheless, the night lights will still help Virgo in achieving happiness. To do this, you just need to believe in a miracle and in yourself. This week, people of this Sign are better off not doubting the bright future.

This is the perfect time for work, increased activity in all areas of life. The likelihood that Libra will achieve the desired results and come to the set goals is very high. Strong wish fulfillment rites will help increase the likelihood of success. Libras should also surround themselves with pleasant and warm people.

It is worth paying attention to objective and unobtrusive criticism, as well as trusting friends and relatives. The advice of these people will be quite useful at times, so it is better to constantly analyze what they say. The end of the week is perfect for romance. Fleeting romances and flirting are possible. Lonely Libra can find happiness.

For the first couple of days, the stars and planets will not be able to find a common rhythm and will be in dissonance. This will affect the success of the Scorpions. A good luck ritual will help get rid of trouble, not only this week, but in the near future as a whole. Now the attitude of the Scorpions is of great importance. A melancholic mood can play a cruel joke.

It is necessary to get rid of all the questions like "what if I can't?" Doubts can very quickly materialize into problems, which will greatly slow down the achievement of goals and objectives in any area. It is important to rely on common sense, life experience and intuition. The stars will strengthen Scorpio's sixth sense.

Money and work will be the most important for Sagittarius these days. To attract money, you can use the rules of feng shui. They will help stabilize financial and information flows. As a result, Streltsov will have more chances of successfully completing cases, gaining new useful experience.

Difficulties should not be taken as failures. This week, the stars will try to make the Sagittarius path less thorny, but even if they do not succeed, the likelihood of increasing income and finding new sources of inspiration will remain the same. You need to go forward and rely on your earlier experience.

At the beginning of the week, Capricorns will find it difficult to cope with the onslaught of problems. At the end of the week, the stars will give these people the opportunity to properly rest and gain strength. No need to take work home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is better to devote your time to your family, relatives, loved one. You need to get distracted from worries and worries.

Many Capricorns will manage to change their lives, but the likelihood of a pleasant outcome will be much higher if you follow the laws of prosperity. It's time for increased activity. It is important to have a desire, and opportunities will appear by themselves. On weekdays, you can use household chores as a rest. They will cleanse thoughts of experiences.

The stars will give positive and good luck to Aquarius this week. Only toxic people can deprive them of this. You need to become familiar with how to recognize such people and how to defend against them. If you do nothing, you can seriously hinder your path to success and achievement of life goals. It is important not to be a loner, but to be able to distinguish a rational kernel from everything heard from others.

The stars will make Aquarians more productive. These people will have more opportunities, and fatigue will come much less often. This is not a time to rest. We need to act while the stars and planets are predisposed to help. This week you can seriously get ahead.

In the first couple of days of this week, Pisces can be overtaken by failure. It is advisable to plan your affairs more carefully in order to eliminate the likelihood of disruptions. At the beginning of the week, you will need to be more responsible about responsibilities. You can't shift things onto other people's shoulders and hope for a miracle. Before important events, you can use conspiracies for good luck.

In the second half of the week, the stars and planets will enter into harmonious interaction, so it will become much easier for Pisces to live. This will be a great time for love adventures, as well as for a change of scenery. You can safely go on business trips, long trips. It will also be possible to make great purchases.

It is very important to maintain the strength and desire to move forward. The mantra of strength and energy will help you not lose heart and stay productive every day. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you success and good mood.

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