May 16, 2021
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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from May 17 to May 23, 2021

Vasilisa Volodina's horoscope for the week from May 17 to May 23, 2021

Vasilisa Volodina is a famous TV presenter and popular astrologer. Her forecasts of the century are full of healthy information, so try not to skip the Palestinian advice on how to attract good luck this week.

Each of us has our own boundless and bright sides of the temper. This week, the stars and planets will allow us to decide which of these sides will be active and which should “sleep”. The universe will watch us and draw conclusions about how kind, positive, and worthy of positive change we are. This is a serene, but extremely dignified stage at which it is dignified to show wisdom.

Aries remembered times to fill with wisdom. Previously, experts talked about the seven Indian wisdoms. You can start comprehending the essence with them. It is also worthwhile to hang out with people of older generations to learn something healthy. The denser Aries can conduct a constructive dialogue, the more important it will be for them. You don’t have to argue or prove innumerable. I remember the times to solve problems, and not create new ones for myself. It also means that it is necessary to postpone shopping, with a change of scenery.

For Taurus in the period from May 17 to 23, the rule of three “s” is in force: “become yourself.” These people need to act in difficult situations as if they themselves think it is necessary. Unsolicited other people’s advice is more important to ignore. It will be great to dream about the future, to think about something important. In no case is it impossible to get discouraged and withdraw in thoughts, to be found with the vengeful Signs of the Zodiac. The times of global changes in love and in the financial sphere are coming, and now the preparatory stage is coming, in which you can make plans.

Each of us has our own zodiac secrets of happiness. This week, the Gemini is dignified to take advantage of these secrets to the fullest. You need to do what will help you grin more often, love life and wake up with a good disposition and anticipation of the next day. Probably, I remembered the times to take a short vacation or change the environment. For the most brisk implementation of plans, it is necessary to remain productive and positively move forward, even if everything does not go according to plan. In your free time, you can spend pennies on entertainment.

Cancer in the period from 17 to 23 is worth it as if it is possible to be found in a smaller amount with representatives of the deceitful signs of the Zodiac. From these people there will be countless dangers and problems. The stars want Cancers to communicate with family and friends as if they can. At work, Cancers expect small conflicts and disagreements. This will be the most dangerous for those involved in trade. All that Cancers need in these seven days is to stop taking wishful thinking. It is necessary to live in the real world, and not in a fictional reality.

In Lions, in the last days and weeks, many devalas could perform awkwardly. The time has come to make a difference. There are seven ways to improve your life in black streak moments. The stars and planets will help Leo to do this in the shortest possible time. More sincerely by the weekend there will be an opportunity to succeed in amorous affairs. All lonely Leos are advised by the stars to activate in search and in communication with the opposite hollow body. Success in business and work awaits everyone who is eager for change, who is ready for it and is not afraid of risks.

This week promises to be quite intense and stressful for Virgos. They should use powerful amulets against tiredness and anxiety, so that this state does not take over. In business and work, it is more important as long as you simply throw the bait, without taking sharp steps and without making important decisions. It is traditionally revered that Virgos are cautious, but in the period from 17 to 23, the number of stars can make them a little more chaotic, imprudent. The risks are now neatly not going to benefit them.

Libra should remember that the power of words and thoughts this week will be much more sublime than ever. All that Libra will say, and all that they think about, can come true in the coming days. It is necessary to remember about the forbidden words, which are more important not to pronounce, so as not to spoil your fate. These seven days are great for learning. You can do the study of languages, advanced training. When communicating with loved ones, it is worth showing restraint. Any disagreement with a soul mate can cause a protracted conflict or even goodbye.

The first thing Scorpios should do is cleanse and harmonize the energy of their home. There are seven easy ways to help them. In this case, the life of these people will turn into a new sweet bed, a streak of luck will arise. This week Libra will be able to meet a person who will completely change their worldview and, with his words and thoughts, will make them abandon negative thoughts. Libras need to get to know each other more vigorously, spend less time in solitude. This is fraught with apathy and an influx of depressive thoughts.

Sagittarius has ideal times to deal with negative attitudes. As if other people will help them in this, the right choice of leisure is so much the same. The stars want Sagittarius on weekends and in the evenings after work to do their idolized business, try to change the situation. Don’t overload yourself with work now. From 17 to 23 May, everything will follow the law “business is an hour, and fun is time”. Of course, you should not rest if some kind of deval requires immediate completion, but you should not carefully exhaust yourself with continuous work.

Capricorns are among the most energetic and active signs of the zodiac. Fatigue is nothing to them, but this week the situation will change a bit for the worse. We’ll have to spend a little more time at home, in a state of rest. This is a very promising stage for love affairs. Capricorns are highly likely to find a soul mate, strengthen relationships with loved ones, or take them to a new level. The most important thing is not to change plans at the last minute. You have to stick to the schedule and not break your words.

Aquarians, whose dreams and cherished desires have not come true for a long time, will be able to see positive changes in this current this week. This posture can be corrected, but you have to stop thinking negatively. One must believe that tremendous changes are coming, that she is countlessly kind-hearted and loving. Aquarians will be able to get what they want very soon. This week is the preparatory stage. You need to help your family and friends, but do not fall into altruism. It is worth doing household chores, rearranging furniture. Get rid of unnecessary trash.

For Pisces, finance and work will become the most important areas. The most important stones for attracting money will help to increase trade, increase productivity, and make great and profitable bargain purchases. In personal life, betrayal and deception are not excluded. You need to be attentive to the feelings of the other half so that this does not happen. Also, the stars want to remind Pisces that modesty colors a person. If you manage to achieve something majestic, you should not shout about it at every corner and boast of your achievements.

To have enough energy for all the majestic devalas, try to do special physical exercises. The stars are still out of work, so rely only on yourself. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you a happy and positive week.

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