Jan 24, 2021
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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from January 25 to January 31, 2021

Vasilisa Volodina's horoscope for the week from January 25 to January 31, 2021

Vasilisa Volodina is famous as a popular TV presenter and astropsychologist. Her forecasts of the century are dead, but understandable. The forecast for the last week of January will help you know if you can succeed in a variety of areas and become more cloudless.

In general, the end of January is considered a time of change, and not the most favorable one. Negative changes are associated with the beginning of the retrograde motion of Mercury. Nevertheless, until the 30th, many of us will still be happy. The biggest problems can await representatives of the evil signs of the zodiac. These people should not act badly in relation to close people and others in general.

Aries begins times when no one and nothing can interfere with their plans, shake their self-confidence. Also, the stage from 25 to 31 can be called a time ideal for acquaintance with some everyday truths. Internal growth will be a very dignified component of success for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Aries can get acquainted with the Indian wisdom. It is also dignified to listen to the advice of older and more experienced people. Aries in love can expect considerable success. They will manage to appear to the right person.

In this stage, Taurus will jump down and up, reflecting negatively on productivity. You can fix this partially or completely using seven simple ways. The stars give a hint: happiness will lie in the balance between work and socializing with loved ones and friends. This means that you should not overwork and be in solitude for too long. It is not recommended to start important events on weekends. If there is an opportunity and desire to meet someone, then it is better to do it from the 25th to the 27th.

Gemini should think about how to cleanse their aura. The thing is that the stars and planets can leave these people without proper attention. Their energy resources will suffer, so the aura should be free from all that is awful. It also means that Gemini at the end of January will need to show independence in all areas of life. If they involve someone else in their affairs, this can lead to a fiasco. From January 25 to January 31, Gemini needs to closely monitor their health, not to overload the body.

Lonely Cancers this week will be helped by the stars in their search for the other half. Nevertheless, one must remember about the seven golden rules of attraction of love, without which loneliness cannot be overcome. The time has come when Cancers have to rebuild, to demonstrate flexibility and temper. It is necessary to tolerate the guilty, learn to forgive the enemies. Revenge and rancor will not help to advance in business, but generosity will contribute to this. In fact, the ability to forgive will be the main weapon of Cancers in the struggle for a place in the sun.

A very productive and very dynamic week begins for Lviv. According to the forecast, it is more important for the people of this Sign to have time to do all the most stately devalas and solve all the main problems before Friday, because from Saturday the forces will briskly begin to leave them. Weekends should be used for their intended purpose – for relaxation. Great attention should be paid to the amorous sphere, unusually for those Leos who are already in a relationship. They should remember about the main zodiacal mistakes in love. It is recommended to refrain from quarrels and scandals.

Virgos this week will receive a tiny bit of energy from the planets, so on difficult days, when there are innumerable deeds and work, they should use five simple ways to regain lost strength. Devav’s life can change dramatically on Friday and Saturday. At this time, unimaginably ambitious ideas can form in their minds. Enthusiasm and motivation will be a great way to increase your income. Anyone who is looking for a job at the moment will be able to find it. The most important thing is not to sit still and wait for a miracle to happen.

Libra will have a chance to succeed in money and work, but in order for the results to really become phenomenal, it is worth remembering the golden rules of attraction for financial success. These are very prosperous times for representatives of such specialties as a psychologist, doctor, consultant. When problems arise, there is no need to be afraid. Troubles will be solvable, even if at first glance they seem unnecessarily complicated. The world will change, and not without the help of the Libra themselves. The biggest enemy of these people is fear.

The past must remain in the past – this law is valid everywhere and always. Thinking about what happened does not lead to success. There are five ways to get rid of the bad memories that drag us downward forever. It is vitally important for Scorpios to retire from thoughts of something awful. If this is not done, then even the most euphonious stars and planets will not help them avoid troubles. At the end of the week, it’s great to do some shopping, update your wardrobe and change your appearance, style. You should start the week with cleaning.

Sagittarius has a time of great opportunities, vivid emotions and incredible fortune. In the sphere of love, they will be helped by meditations to attract a worshiped person. Those who are already in a relationship will be able to bring them to a completely new level. In business and work, stars will help Sagittarius gain confidence. Night sparkles will enhance the creative potential of these people. Luck will be everywhere with Sagittarius. The most important thing is not to rest more than necessary. Business trips will also become healthy. A change of scenery will help find new motivation for the people of this Sign.

Capricorns are responsible, hard-working people. For centuries, they clearly understand what they need to do to achieve their rounder in a variety of areas, it is unusual in their work. This week you can speed up the process of fulfilling your desires with the help of the special practice “Scroll of Desires”. The only thing that can hinder them is the lack of faith that tight-fitting can help. If people at home, colleagues or friends offer help themselves, it is more important not to refuse it.

Aquarians are having very productive and vibrant times. It will be a week of increasing spirituality, realizing something very dignified, for example, six simple truths that can make Aquarius more in every sense. These are times of inner growth, coupled with setting rounder and more challenging tasks. At the beginning of the week, Aquarius can do shopping, buy expensive homemade gifts. Also, stage 25 to 31 is suitable for repairs. You should not leave your loved ones in trouble. If someone asks for help, it must be provided.

Pisces should use amulets for the home at the beginning of the week. They will save you from the evil eye and family troubles. In Pisces and their loved ones, enemies and ill-wishers can show, so you need to look both ways and not make trouble. Pisces will need to bond with the family. For everyone who does not have such an opportunity, it is more important to rely not on intuition, but on common reason and life experience. The stars will send Pisces good luck, but not immediately. The most productive and auspicious days will be Thursday and Friday.

Each of the Zodiac Signs has its own measure of strength. Remember about it, so as not to be left without energy support on difficult days. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you an air week and a successful completion of the first month of 2021.

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