Apr 27, 2021
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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from April 26 to May 2, 2021

Vasilisa Volodina's horoscope for the week from April 26 to May 2, 2021

Vasilisa Volodina is one of the most famous astrologers in Russia and the CIS. If you want to get through the coming week without problems or solve them as soon as possible, try to follow the healthy tips below.

So the stage without retrograde planets has come to an end. On the 27th, Pluto will begin to move in the reverse course. This planet will bring us innumerable troubles. Try to get along with representatives of the good signs of the Zodiac, so that in your life, as if possible, a tiny bit of negativity arises. Be extremely frugal and don’t tell anyone about your plans so that they don’t get frustrated.

In the middle of the week, problems and misfortunes can be attracted to Aries like a magnet. Previously, experts said how to avoid this. Of course, nothing will happen just that much. Everything has its own fault. Aries needs to pay more attention to their innate impulsiveness. If they can be more serene, everything bad will come out to be overcome or even prevent it from appearing. Also, the stars can do so much that Aries will begin to grab onto a bunch of devalas all of a sudden. It’s also more important not to do it.

Taurus should be diminished with the envious Zodiac Signs. This can lead to problems on the personal front and at work. You won’t get help from such people. They can also be vindictive. It is possible that someone will try to tarnish the reputation of Taurus, unleashing an antipathetic ringing. Even Taurus themselves can make those around them turn away. To prevent this from happening, you need to overcome the desire to act dishonestly. The more good deeds the people of this Sign do, the more cloudless and successful they will become in the future.

It is possible that Gemini will want the total and immediately. And they can get what they want. To do this, they will need to follow healthy advice every day. The change in the position of Pluto will affect them in a tiny amount. This will play into the hands of Gemini, because they will be able to recover from this event faster than the rest of the Zodiac Signs. In the period from April 26 to May 2, you can act on a whim. Gemini’s intuition will not let them down neatly. They will also become more charming.

Cancers, like many other Signs, begin the stage when they need to be more thrifty with negative people in order to protect themselves from their influence. Also, these people should not commit dubious acts themselves, so as not to be criticized and discussed. It will neatly not do them any good. Cancers now need to be attracted to harmony, order and tranquility. In total, in this case, they will be able to stay afloat. At the end of this week, they should do a mind reboot. It will be possible to change the environment, to engage in internal practices.

Tuesday, environment and Thursday are not very positive days because of Pluto. From Friday, Lions will be much more fortunate and productive. It is possible that some of their cherished dreams will come true at the end of the week. A great lust-fulfilling ritual will help speed up this process. Now it is impossible for Leos to give up and give up what they have dreamed of for a long time. It is also worth remembering that any cute life changes in the eyelids start small. If you want to be successful in something, you need to take your time to do it.

Virgos on the 27th and 28th should use talisman stones by date of birth. This will help attract good luck in difficult times and stay afloat in business, work and business. This week will be challenging, but very productive. Virgos will be able to learn a lot, gain healthy knowledge. In love, they can also expect successes, which will disguise themselves as problems. For example, Virgos can lose touch with a good follower, which will turn out to be toxic and negative in the future. There is no need to anger fate during these seven days.

Libra these days can take countless troubles. Actually, therefore, these people should solve all their problems. There are as if the universe five reasons not to help those who are tight with their difficulties in life. So much time can be wasted and lost the opportunity to succeed in business, work and love. This week Libra needs to do information protection – change passwords, clean up spam, check your computer for viruses. The stars want Libra to be peacemakers, not instigators of bedlam.

Scorpios are rightfully included in the list of the most charming signs of the zodiac, but this week problems with Pluto could rob them of their charm and natural magnetism. It is harmless to focus on household chores and work. It will seem to the stars if Scorpios can act alone, show independence. In the week from April 26 to May 2, it is worth focusing not on love, but on work. The actual financial and business sphere will become the main one for the representatives of this Zodiac Sign. At the end of the week, you can go shopping: it will raise the looming.

For Sagittarius, this week can be a magnificent disappointment, but do not grieve: there are practices and rituals that will help you achieve success in any business. It is worth using them so as not to get into a mess. It is more important to invest time in business and work, and leave love and romance for the weekend. In communicating with loved ones, Sagittarius will help the ability to empathize. You should not show callousness and indifference. In work, healthy will be a rational approach, caution and the maximum level of responsibility.

Monday will be a pretty serene day, but from Tuesday in the head of Capricorns, bad thoughts provoked by Pluto can take over. Interest in life, development and business may even disappear. There are five helpful ways to get that interest back. At the end of the week, nightly sparkles will help resolve conflicts, but this does not mean that on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you can offend people. On the contrary, one must strive to seek compromises where possible. It is more important for Capricorns to remain calm and cool.

Aquarius stars and planets are advised to show independence and be as little as possible with toxic people. You can determine in advance such a person by seven simple signs. The current pose of the planets is neatly impossible to call suitable, but Aquarius will not only be able to check with the influx of negative, but also turn negative energy into positive. Yeah, they may meet with intransigence and aggression from others, but this will not break them. You must continue to believe in yourself in any situation.

Each of the Zodiac Signs has its own impenetrable Palestine. Pisces’ impenetrable Palestine will be vital this week. We must fight temptations and internal problems. It is impossible to act badly in relation to relatives and friends. People of this Sign need to control themselves, even if someone tries to piss them off. Business should be done without a fever. Consistency and caution in business and work is a guarantee of stability from April 26 to May 2. It is not worth starting new devals until it is worth, as well as looking for a newly minted work item.

To become more cloudless, sometimes it is necessary to get rid of something, and not acquire. Check out five things that block the path to happiness. Vasilisa Volodina wishes all of us stability and self-control this week.

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