Apr 28, 2021
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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for May 2021

Vasilisa Volodina's horoscope for May 2021

Vasilisa Volodina is famous as a TV presenter, an expert in the field of psychology and astrology. Her expert view of the comparative arrangement of stars and planets helps many people to plan devala and solve sophisticated everyday problems.

This will be an extremely difficult month with big problems, troubles and major changes, and sometimes not the nicest ones. Because of this, you should not close at home and postpone all the previously planned devalas to June. Yeah, it won’t be easy, but the stars will also try to activate the hidden capabilities of the Zodiac Signs, which will largely help them overcome problems and become more productive.

Aries should use the most important stones for attracting love if they want to maintain a relationship or find love in May. The Amorous Orb will suffer the smallest total, so it’s more important to focus on it itself. As for the devaluation and work, then you will have to postpone for a while with risks, adventures and increased activity. Better to just look at what is happening around and do everything possible to maintain the previously won success. Expensive purchases are more important until postponing. The same applies to travel and business trips.

The energy of Taurus is going to drop very much at the beginning of the month. More sincerely, by mid-May, the people of this Sign will have new opportunities due to the renewal of forces, but the eclipse at the end of the month will again force Taurus to be careful and look both ways. In the most difficult moments, it is harmless for representatives of this Sign to use simple yoga exercises to compensate for the defect in strength. In the life of Taurus, people will appear who will be ready to provide them with psychological support. It is necessary to cherish such people and respect them.

The most important thing for Gemini in May is to fight with energy depletion, because it can be dangerous. It is likely that you will have to work hard and work hard, since the stage of difficulties comes in work and business. Even a little negligence can plunge a Gemini into a fiasco and cause them to suffer tremendous flaws. In the love sphere, people of this Zodiac Sign have a lull. So or otherwise, Gemini should sensibly assess their capabilities, no matter what they touch. Their revaluation threatens to collapse.

Cancers have a very important time for spiritual practices. This is a very suitable period to delve into your head, try to answer the accumulated questions about fate, about the future, about plans and problems. Anything else can fearlessly be relegated to the background. In May, it is harmless to rationally spend energy and time, because troubles can come to mind from nowhere. Crisis situations will be the norm, but calm and collected Cancers will survive and check everything. Some people will even be able to learn something new.

In May, Lviv can take on a sophisticated desire to change their lives, including financial ones. The five most powerful amulets for money will help ambitious and purposeful Leos get countless monetary benefits. What touches the stars and planets, then they have a little different plans. They will try to do everything possible so that the Lions look at the world from a different angle. It is likely that the people of this Sign will meet on their way some important and wise personalities, which will open their eyes.

Devav is expected to have an extremely emotional and very dynamic time, in which toxic people will have to meet unpleasant changes in their lives on their way. Keeping everything and everyone under control will not work. With some changes, you will simply have to accept. Good luck conspiracies can help minimize the likelihood of problems. Also, a little faith in yourself will not hurt. Now it is impossible to lose confidence in your abilities, so much as if it is fraught with even greater problems. Let it be a bit of a messy times, but May will be the starting point for a new life.

Libra, as if no one else should think about the future, about tomorrow. It is great to plan devala, to dream. The main thing is to back up your ambitions with actions, and not just wait for the weather by the sea. It will be great to meditate on creating a successful future. Internal practices will not be redundant. They will help to get rid of stereotypical thinking, which it portrays as a major obstacle in development and in the love sphere. Many people give a great sense to their appearance, but Libra now needs to work on their inner fulfillment.

Scorpios will have a defect of fortune because Pluto retrograde will affect them more than the total. In the first half of the month, it will be great to use simple ways to attract fortune according to the rules of feng shui. All Scorpios, who want to succeed in love or in business and work, should maintain their swiftness, purposefulness. Laziness and procrastination can lead to big problems. It is more important to make all majestic decisions starting from May 13 – from the transition of Jupiter to the Sign of Pisces. On the 13th, a positive stage will arise.

Many Sagittarius will think about what such happiness is, as if to achieve it. Simple rituals will help you achieve some success in this field. In the financial sphere and in business, it is more important to test the waters – you should not take risks and take on those things that will force you to leave your comfort zone. In love, one must act. The longer the Sagittarius is inactive, the more awkward it will be. They may miss out on their happiness. It is impossible to lose vigilance and tell foreigners about your plans.

Capricorns are expected to have a serene month, but not without problems. These people should remember about the days of power in order to be ready to act at the most crucial moment. There will be bad days, but experts advise not to focus on the bad. It is very dignified to avoid excesses in May. It touches everything – work, harmful fashions, procrastination, love. Everything should be in harmony. The total should be equal. Collaborating with people at work is great, so it’s worth taking the time to do things together.

Aquarians have put the financial sphere at the head of the table for almost a century. They should not betray their principles. You just need to fight the habits that lead to poverty, if they, of course, are found in them. Great success awaits Aquarius, who are ready to study something new. Luck will follow the confident people of this Sign. Also, success can be seen and felt by representatives of specialties that involve continuous communication with people. May is dangerous, but it will help Aquarius to expand the boundaries of the probable, to become the most important version of themselves.

In early May, Pisces should get rid of harmful attitudes and superstitions. At the end of spring, it is dignified to trust the facts, be a little more optimistic and not be afraid to grab onto new deeds. In Pisces, the five will adapt to new circumstances, so you can change jobs, search for new addictions and go on a long journey. In general, the month will be quite positive, but retrograde Pluto will still leave its own stamp on the life of Pisces. Some dreams and goals will have to say goodbye for a while.

For many people, problems in life are shown not because of the current ill-fated position of the planets, but because of an easy horoscope. Earlier we talked about what it is and how it can be strengthened. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you a successful end of spring, happiness and bright emotions.

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